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  1. Sorry, but how to trade on leverage? same way as buy/sell shares?
  2. Thanks. I also emailed them with screens, think that will be easier.
  3. Is there any international format phone number that I call call to reach IG?
  4. this is what I see now on the mentioned shares think really have to cal the support to sort that out
  5. Share dealing platform https://deal.ig.com/platform/index.htm Regarding NTOG this is what I see (no buy/sell option). Pasted VOG screenshot to show you what is missing..
  6. Hi. I'm new here. Please can you comment, do you know if all AIM listed shares are available online? I found a few that are coming up on the platform, but looks like there is no option to buy them online. JLP - Jubilee Platinum (Metals) SRES - Sunrise Resources SOS - Sosandar NTOG - Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Thanks!
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