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  1. Here's maybe a curve ball for you - I'm wondering if the inverse correlation between XAU and USD has broken down somewhat. I've been watching Gold & Silver more closely than anything and it seems to me upside in the $ is not being reflected so strongly in the metals as before a week or so ago. Thats why we havent seen the retraces of such depth as previously & I'm thinking even if $ stronger today we won't get such a pullback in XAU XAG. C ps. and both been observing the MA on 4H quite nicely since the 3rd June when reversal occured.
  2. it's easy just different channels for different topics  just like here really - i follow rolf style that is better for me, C
  3. i'm still looking for my second entry, its just hasn't pulled back! Gotta be happy with what's happened Ive never been in this position since i started in March when ive got a trade running thats as good as this. Whats your thoughts , where's  when you need him - on a beach?! C
  4. are you in the Slack forum  ? I really think what they are doing is good. It's really helped me but another tool/app urg! I havent used snapchat so i dont know what it does thats different to other apps/sites - i guess i'll have to take a look doh. C
  5. luckily i didnt stop watching Silver and noted momentum divergence and went long at 16.02. I nearly made 2nd entry was waiting for further pullback in the 16.40 area but it didn't happen and took off for the moon.... I think this is only the start of the silver story.. 
  6. good points  will sit on hands for now re Silver. C
  7. Silver gone through the zone and now may act as resistance. Perhaps further to fall before the bounce? 
  8. Yes agree , feeling quite positive about the future for Silver (I knew you had finger trouble on the month). C
  9. leaning more towards this being the pivot point - I'm thinking Silver will outperform Gold in the long run. C
  10. SILVER: so it has retraced from last discussion. Like Gold, where's the bottom to go Long? Into a previous Support/Resistance zone right now. C
  11. ..and forgot to say Silver is looking interesting to me aswell in tandem with Gold. C
  12. Well with that move up in the markets yesterday Gold certainly went South... Still looking for that bottom to get back in and my original idea of the 1200 area buy zone is looking more likely given this what seems like a juiced up Lance Armstrong type US500 performance! The middle tramline is close to what you had  and I was playing with the idea of the range either side of that with the upper and lower // as to if they could be meaningful or not. C 
  13. haha thats funny - mind you doesn't mean it won't happen - month not over yet, C
  14. My higher buy zone is 1230 area (in chart above)which was the area from which the 1302 recent high was launched from. Currently 1237. Otherwise if it goes through that area then the 1200 zone comes into play as you say  I kind of think that it all depends when a shock / drop in stocks hits as to which it will be. C
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