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  1. It seems my twitter feed has been stuck since yesterday. Has anybody got similar issues?
  2. I have tried to reset everything on my phone and in the app but it seems to work once and then there are no notifications coming through when a new order/stop or limits has been opened or closed. Price alerts seems to do the same any suggestions or is there a problem with the app?
  3. @JamesIG Thank you James it seems to work! Do you know why this was done or happened?
  4. @JamesIG due to personal circumstances I am not allowed to have a Spreadbetting account and can only trade in a CFD account . I have logged a call and had a few emails from IG but nothing has been resolved so far.
  5. You can trade 0.25 EUR contracts but not in £ anymore, like I said they just changed it without any prior notice
  6. @cryptotrader maybe in a spreadbet account but not the CFD account. @Caseynotes I saw, unfortunately I cannot answer that question maybe one of the employees of IG could
  7. Having traded Oil for £0.25/pt since the margins changed a few weeks ago they have changed the size yesterday to £1/pt WITHOUT any prior notice or communications. I know that I am most probably the smallest fish in their tank but a bit of common decency from them wouldn't go amiss and will be looking at to move my account to a competitor soon. Cheers
  8. I wanted to open an Oil trade and now it seems the size is minimum £1/point...sigh
  9. Hi Phil, yes it started working late yesterday afternoon, all good now
  10. Hi Caseynotes It is on the CFD demo it looks like AIM stocks and on the spreadbet demo where the US Oil markets are not working since yesterday
  11. Any time frame to sort out the problems with the stuck demo account since yesterday?
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