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  1. Move up showing signs of exhaustion?
  2. Wouldn't be going long or short atm
  3. Falling wedge with a minor h&s pattern signaled a possible reversal for me. Discloser closed the short.
  4. united18


    Corn is looking good ATM with potential for a rally
  5. Still looks like a bear market with signs continuation of trend. Thanks for graph caseynotes.
  6. if the 23.6 fib proves to be resistance it could see bitcoin dropping to the 6k ranges.
  7. at time of writing looks like bitcoin can still swing either way. in my opinion $9200 is a major support/resistance for a bullish trend to occur and would not go long yet.
  8. will Bitcoin likely be regulated as a security in the us? will decentralised exchanges be the next big move? as i understand peer to peer lending and over the counter options have been the method for the Chinese since the crackdown.
  9. there is still a clear bearish trend in xrp and btc with no signs of an end to the trend in my opinion. Alot of the altcoins seems to mirror btc suggesting it be the bellwether for cryptos. once btc shows a clear sign of a trend reversal or coinbase decides to add xrp would be a window of opportunity.
  10. correction '3 bearish candles'. i dont know how to edit my previous post
  11. on the 3rd jan the bulls showed signs of exhaustion followed by 3 bullish consecutive candles indicating a reversal that we see now. price has been floating around the 1.90 as of this posting. it is also the price where the bulls found support end of december. could this be the resistance the bears finally reach?
  12. trend follower your analysis looks correct. price looks to test December lows. would like to see your analysis when price action suggest a reversal.