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  1. Good morning. I opened an (IG) ISA with £1000 and then transferred the money from the ISA into my share dealing account to buy some shares. The balance showing in my ISA is now £0. Lets say I sell the shares for £1100 and transfer the money back into my ISA does this add to the original ISA allowance for the year (£1000 + £1100 = £2100) or will my allowance just show as £1100 paid in? If the former should I have bought shares directly from the ISA account platform rather than the share dealing platform? Thanks, Ash
  2. Hi James, I've just bought my first shares today. They appear in my IG Share dealing platform in "Open positions". Am I right to assume that they will remain in that state indefinitely and would only "close" when I come to sell them? Thanks, Ash