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  1. I lost money on this trade because I had tight stop loss on it. Is there way of getting some money back?
  2. Cash has no expiry. You pay overnight interest 5pm AEST.
  3. "real" price usually means the price of the underlying asset that is quoted on the ASX where ASX200 is derived from. I prefer IG over City for ASX200 because City ASX200 only trades during the day session. I only trade ASX200.
  4. The difference between the broker price and the real price shouldnt fluctuate this much day to day. There is something wrong here.
  5. Hi I also have an account with CityIndex, difference between ASX200 in IG and ASX200 in CityIndex today was around 6-7pips during 10am-4pm AEST. Last week difference was only 2-3 pips. CityIndex always trades closer to the real price for ASX200.
  6. Ok thanks Caseynotes. Currently the price difference between ASX200 on www.asx.com.au and IG Markets is 7pips. Traders at IG Markets could be making millions of dollars in arbitrage by trading on their platform and trading on the ASX.
  7. I am pretty sure ASX200 shares are only traded on the ASX during Australian market opening hours.
  8. But isnt the ASX shares usually only traded in 1 exchange while crypto are traded in many exchanges around the world.
  9. how come some times the difference is 0?
  10. thanks but the spread is quite significant.
  11. Hi Does anyone know why there is a price difference between live ASX200 price on www.asx.com.au and ASX200 on IG Markets? Today (2nd July 2018) price difference was around 7 pips, some days are negative other days the difference is 4 pips, everyday it is different. Looks like there is some arbitrage opportunities here.