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  1. Thank you guys, yeah seems like some technical problem between the bank and IG related to 3D secure, or maybe somewhere on the processing side, hope that goes away in few days, or maybe will try to add another card, or reissue existing one. Thank you for your suggestions!
  2. Hi, Thank you. Yeah, it’s very strange it was working all fine, even few days ago, same card, etc… But today it just doesn’t work. The bank says that they don’t even see the request to process the transaction, IG also doesn’t see any problems on its side…
  3. Hi team, Tried to reach via phone, but no luck bcs the lines are busy, also have checked platform status - seem no problem there. The question is - I’m trying to add funds via card, and that refuses transaction. Called my bank, they don’t see any payment requests initiations. Is that a wider common technical issue for now, or should I consult help desk via phone? Thank you in advance for your response Ivan
  4. Thank you so much for the answer and the link - very helpful!
  5. Hi guys, A quick question abt the algorithm IG uses, or I mean logic, when the indices/futures are closed, but IG allows trading. How is that priced? As I don’t see any volumes, etc. I understand that when let’s say SPX futures are traded, then for instance DAX futures (CFDs) are linked to them somehow. But when US is closed as well, how are they deprived? For instance today see spikes in SPX, DAX, DJI, but nothing in futures... Thank you for your thoughts Cheers
  6. Looks like a global IG problem, shutdown...
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