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  1. I used to screenshot then upload on to the computer. A long way around it but it worked. Now I read more post than type.
  2. a good short entry here in my view. Stop loss at 12300 target at 1200
  3. Waiting for a bounce and then short. Target 1200
  4. Downward trend still in play. We can't seem to stay above 7200 for very long. Strong support at 7100
  5. This is another reason why I'm short on the ftse. There's a gravestone bar on the monthly chart, what in most cases does not look good for bulls.
  6. Im short 7155 with a stop at 7220. We have broken 7130 support in the last couple sesions and I think we still have not seen the last of the downside.
  7. ftse ftse 100 looking more like it's going to break this channel yo the downside, looking for a short at 7120
  8. I think we still got more weakness to come on the ftse100. downward channel takes us to 7100 support
  9. Ftse put a good sign in for a double top, and end of month profit taking tomorrow. The first week of October is usually not good for stocks too. 6830 next?
  10. Hi I'm Rich Ive been trading for the last 5 year's. I'm mostly day trading ftse and dax with the IG spread account. I have a stockbroking account for longer term trading
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