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  1. Can't help but feel this is a dead cat bounce and Monday/Tuesday next week will be triple digit down days?
  2. I'm looking for selling below 6050 to retest thrusdays lows in the next couple trading sessions
  3. Phone polls coming out tomorrow from Ipsos- mori and survation, the phone pollsters who mostly predicted the Scottish indy ref right.
  4. Ftse 100 failed to take 6000 yesterday and is currently at 5915. If we break 5880 support then a retest of 5500 lows makes sense.
  5. 9550 showing good support, with the Dax being oversold we should bounce up today
  6. 9550 showing support. High chance a bottom from here.
  7. I believe to that eyes will concentrate on the fed a soon as us markets open. Brexit fears will probably be set aside till Friday or next week?
  8. If we break 6005, then 5900 will come quick.
  9. We bounced off of the tramline yesterday, but with selling pressure building and the leave vote gaining there's a high chance this will break.
  10. Dax looking extremely oversold now. We could drop to 9550 but I favor more a gap up to 9720.
  11. room for a test of 13800 then?
  12. What happened to to?? It's a bit quite out on the western front theses days!
  13. Anyone who sold at 6200+, hold out to next week. Because brexit just set in!
  14. Ftse rally frizzing out over brexit concerns. Can't see it going much higher from here. 6320 at the most maybe then back down?
  15. Good afternoon What a tough trading week that was!? On friday I had a sell order on the ftse at 6260 but we never got that far. But my excitement got to me and I sold half at 6230 with a trailing stop of 15 points. So still happy. A tough fight is going on between the bulls and bears mainly down to following hope with oil and the us equities (what evers going on with them at the moment) this will very likely change approaching the referendum. I'm keen to short anything between 6250 - 6300.
  16. Ftse rally should top out at 6260, and if we have a weak nfp then we could sell off back down to 6180
  17. Oil holding in tramline. Looking to buy if this doesn't break
  18. 6180 holding so far, but lots of down pressure today. Oil down/GBP weak  
  19. Looks like we topped out at 6280, as long as we stay below this level then im looking for a retest of 6060 in the coming days.
  20. Dax is at top of tramline, a break of this then over 10500, but I feel we have already peaked.
  21. So far 6280 resistance is holding. it will be intresting to see if asian markets keep this rally going?
  22. I'm bearish on the ftse up to 6280. If we pass this then 6340 then 6410. On another note if we don't get a us rate hike in June and then we stay in the EU how high does everyone think the gbp/usd will climb?
  23. Dow just breaking out of tram line. This short squeeze could still run a bit more yet!
  24. Looking for a test of 6050 again today
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