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  1. If dow goes back to 17600 then I'm looking to sell for a move back to 17300 
  2. 6260 is a key area for the ftse. If we stay below this then we should see a break through 6050 quite soon. But there again oil is retraced a little the last sessions, but people are still calling for a break above 50. If this happens then the ftse could get a good kick upwards!
  3. The Dow has hit a two month low today,but has bounced since. I still think there is more downside to come. Looking to sell strength.
  4. The dow is holding support so far, but jm starting to feel equities are in for a big drop anytime?
  5. so far we are holding the 6060 support. If we break this then there's a high chance we will see 5900 again 
  6. Oil is showing topping signs around 47 handle. If we don't get stronger buying to push this higher then this could be a great short back down to 44.50
  7. Good morning everyone. dax pulling back to 9950, if this holds then I'm looking to buy
  8. I'm short term bullish at the moment, last week's bear rally looks like it has finally ended, but I still see a possible retrace from 6050 support what didn't break today
  9. I'm still quite bullish about the market at the mo. Obviously we need to get non farms out of the way first, but I don't think this will decide the mid term direction. Worst case sinario would be a boring figure (200ish) lower could confirm the bearish bias. My thinking a bounce in equities/oil for now then a retrace at the end of the month moving into June. Brexit would help this.
  10. Im still looking for a retrace below 17640 before i think this bear trend is going to get serious
  11. Looks like another bull and bear fight will probably break out today, with oil up and Europe pulling back.
  12. Futher declines today if we see disappointed pmi
  13. Little futher to go on dax then back up?
  14. Sorry changed it now. If we break it today then last month's bull trend is over. Maybe sell in may after all. But I do have a hunch we will bounce from here till at least half way through the month. The dax is looking simular to, I think we could bounce from 9720 and resume the bull trend
  15. So far we are holding support at 17640, could be back up from here 
  16. Nice up today, but downward pressure still in play 
  17. So far were staying in channel, but with this monster of a rally showing signs of fatigue and UK manufacturing pmi coming out tomorrow we could see a pullback
  18. We seen a relief rally go to 14470 from the polls (70% in) but back to 14420 now. I'd like to see a retrace back to 14370 to know if this rallys over
  19. Now that we have broken 6335 as long as we stay below this then we should see a move back to 6100 medium term. Looks like 6400 was the top. Oils due a pull back so this should help.
  20. Seen this 2008 chart. Looks like today's rally 
  21. Oil back to Fridays close. 4175 thinking we might drop from here?
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