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  1. honestly though, we rallyed last week on doha and now all is said and done or more was said than done! we still rally. Once the new is digested properly then will see if the indices are still correlated with oil.
  2. the Dow is not far from all time highs! if we are so lucky to reach that far? Did here Q1 GDP might come in at -1
  3. even though Aprils bullish for the gbp/usd, still looking to short 14300 
  4. We are being ramped up by the us, earnings after the bell might change all this though! 6335 was my bearish stop, even though were above now we could still fall thought and target 6210 the next coming days. i dont think oil has finished selling off either, looking at the fundamentals what is there to hold it up?
  5. So far we are staying in channel  
  6. For now we need to get doha out of the way, so then we will get a true picture of what is going on. But like we've seen before opec don't aways make a decision. For now it fills like a 50/50 bet on what the out come will be, so I think the markets will be rand bound till the weekend. Monday though! Well that'll be a different story.
  7. We could fade from here, or December high?
  8. After every opec meeting in the past the price has fallen after. Iran has said in the past that they wish to produce 4 million barrels a day before any production freeze
  9. The extended rally has gone into overboughtness now. Today might be a green day, but profit takers will come into the mix soon
  10. If we reach 50 by the 17th then no one will want to do a freeze! Buy the dip till then.
  11. My view is if we don't break the 6200 - 6220 area soon then we can expect a decent pullback before long. 
  12. Good chance we could rise into the US open. Though due a pull back now. Yes UK based
  13. April is a good month for the gbp/usd 
  14. You can see by price movement that the market is getting itchy on weather it can go higher or not. Looks like earnings season is going to be a choppy one..!
  15. Ftse lagging other indices today, not much going on above 6200.i still see no big buy above this level. Still waiting to see if we break 6237 top on a breakout over the next coming sesions. 
  16. Vix up 11%. Needs to break 18 
  17. My targets is 17500 to. The dow has been used to false selloffs at the start of the day thought. Let's see if we break below 17600
  18. Looking for a retrace back to 14150 then down again?
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