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  1. Ftse can seem to handle 6200 for long, but we seem to be in sync with oil today.
  2. I do worrie about the ftse testing 6200 - 6220 area over recent sessions, if oil keeps moving higher then a possible break of trend could happen.
  3. Ftse looking good to sell again (keeping shorts small) ECB is in focus so could get dragged up along with dax
  4. With the eia numbers and traders thinking about oil nation meeting on the 17th (what in my view nothing will materialise) I wouldn't be surprised if we tested 41 again before a turn lower
  5. I went long SP500 at 2048 last night. I don't want to hold this trade to long though..!
  6. Sorry went short 38 us crude early this morning, looking like it's going to hit my stop. Looks like we have hit a short term bottom last night.
  7. Went short at 37 earlier. Very cautious on this trade. Playing it by the hour
  8. I bought at 6130 and have a stop at 6155 bullish over this level in my view
  9. I got an sell order in at 6130. Out of the office all day. Oil rallyed to hard to quick over night too
  10. Like I said to mercury before April is a sessionaly bullish month. If the markets continue to chop then we could be sizing up for a decent sell in may?
  11. 2048 support still holding up on spx
  12. I definitely favor selling rallys, but by god don't they come strong!
  13. Just bounced off 14180, if we hold we could go back to 14250 - 14300 next couple of sessions
  14. I'd like to see a close below 6080 today, then I'd be more confident about a move to 6000.
  15. Dow futures are pulling back this morning, but is this just a correction to overboughtness or the start of downward play? Oil is holding at 36 resistance. For now anyway!
  16. Looking for a rise and then back down?
  17. I don't see 6220 resistance breaking today, look at settlement today 65% sells in last hour. Quite unusual 
  18. Hi M Sorry for short information, in my view I see oil starting to fade away from the 40 handle, we could test again over the coming week but then a drop to 3250 will probably be on the cards again
  19. I can see oil breaking this new trend
  20. Thanks, bit of a shock with China pmi. Maybe all is not so bad after all?
  21. closed my 6220 short at 6130.today looking to short at 6170
  22. I'm keen to get short at 14400, but going to wait till after nfp just incase we pop back to 14450
  23. Unless nfp is extremely strong then I don't think it'll affect markets much. There might be short term movement and a few sells due to end of quater, but overall will be range bound till next week now.
  24. Will be interesting to see if it sells into the US open, considering the 100 pip drop yesterday at 16:00 gmt
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