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  1. Today's daily pivot is 6175, if we stay below this then more doward pressure. Above then 6220 again?
  2. Wti topped out at 50 October last year, could 40 be the new top this year
  3. Thanks mercury I'm short ftse 6220 as I don't think the big money's buying above 6200. The US is well into overbought zone now and with oil falling off 40 worth a short
  4. Ftse: I'd like to get short here for mid term, but the more we test 6220 the more I think it'll break then 6280, 6300.
  5. VIX can go lower then higher, Dow more gains then lower?
  6. 250+ point rally since Monday, 14400 Looks A Good Short?
  7. Dow still holding resistance at 17620. Still time for a fall leading up to non farms?
  8. If we break 6070 then a move to 6020 is expected
  9. Lately equities have broken off a bit from oil, but with oil retreating again let's see if selling picks up and equities go along with it. My main thinking is for now the VIX will stay low and US stocks will chop and the real selling will come in may/June
  10. Strongly bearish on the footsie, as long as we stay below 6150 i see a move to 6020 coming soon. On the Dow im short term bear, i think we are due a pull back but with yellen, oil and March April being bullish months then i think the dow wil see saw around 17300 - 17600 who knows!
  11. Look for short at 6150. Target 6080
  12. Dow: Pull back from 17550? Strong resistance at 17620
  13. S&P 500 seems to have stalled along with the oil rally. the areas of resistance to watch out for are 2036, 2039, 2044 . The key zones being 2044 and 2056 
  14. Hi I think this rally is finally running out of steam, with April rate talk and oil stock pile being noticed again I think if we don't see any decent gains over the next couple session then downward pressure will grow stronger and a move back to 2000 will be tested.
  15. Hi guys, love reading all your thoughts on the ftse I think last week the ftse put a mid term top in at 6237 With 6220 being a tough resistance, I think a break back below 6150 will make way for a move to the lower 6000s over the coming sessions
  16. Hi I'm Rich Ive been trading for the last 5 year's. I'm mostly day trading ftse and dax with the IG spread account. I have a stockbroking account for longer term trading
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