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  1. I would also like to use trend lines as stop losses but as far as I am aware this is not possible on PRT as you suggest, unless you are trading intra day? I was informed by one of your staff that oblique parallel trend line Limit Orders were only good while you are logged onto the charts and as soon as you log off all orders of this type are cancelled. TimP could you clarify these orders for us please, because like most people I take trades lasting at least a few days and this is something I would absolutely love to use. Thank you
  2. I would also vote for a scaling out option.
  3. IG PRT has a fault, which I have brought to IG's attention weeks and weeks ago. They thanked me for bringing it to their attention and added this can be fixed with a simple pin. But nothing has happened yet. I had often thought that IG's service and commitment to quality was usually second to none. - When scrolling through PRT lists (manually set up and pre-set watch lists to trade) there is a pin in the corner, so you can pin your watch list on top of the charts. This enables you to scroll through your watch lists using the down arrow key on your keyboard very quickly to eyeball ea
  4. Thank you Caseynotes! That's perfect, just what I was after. Brilliant, this forum loooks like it is going to be a good recourse, Hopefully I will be able to help other people too as my knowledge increases. Kind Reards Jason
  5. Hello guys, I am after help with PRT time configuration. It is probably quite a simple thing to do, but it has passed me by. Could someone please tell me how to configure the startime of the daily candle on to Chicago time please. Thank you
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