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  1. Hi, Following on from earlier posts (basically I had bought shares using IG and just wanted to sit on them and wait) I have managed to transfer all funds (shares and £) to a Halifax Share Dealing account FOC and now my shares can jut sit there until I decide to sell with no custody fee's applicable - success! Chris
  2. Hi, Thanks for the help Goldry. I'm definitely going to try sort something out. I know Halifax don't charge you to transfer in so if IG don't charge you to transfer out that could be the solution I'll post on here with what I've sorted when it's done Chris
  3. Hi, Do you have any info regarding how I'd transfer my shares elsewhere, if there are any fee's from IG etc please? I'm pretty sure Halifax accept shares from elsewhere FOC and I can just let them sit there for as long as I want with them without charges (I think) Thanks Chris
  4. Hi, So basically I get charged the new £24 fee every quarter or I make 3 trades at £8 each (totalling £24). There really isn’t a way around effectively losing £96 per annum now wait for badly performing stock to bounce back is there?