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  1. Hello, Can someone please tell me how to remove the twitter/news panel on the right of screen? I've done it in my demo account but I cannot work out how I did it!!
  2. At the top of the left side bar you will see the word "Search". Click on that and type it in there.
  3. I like the new platform. Of course it takes a bit of getting used to the changes, but once the tricks are leart, it's fast and functional. I do have one suggestion however. On the watchlist and position tabs, I would like to see one extra column labelled 'comments' or 'notes' where I can enter a short string of characters such as "waiting for retracement", "Approaching support" etc It should be quite simple to implement and very handy I would think. I also have one question. My charts show Sydney time, yet I am in Brisbane GMT+10. I can find no way of correcting this. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ben.
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know where the new platform gets it time zone info from? I am in Brisbane, but my charts show Sydney time which is one hour ahead of where I am. It's not getting it from my computer clock, nor my IP location as have changed both with no effect. I have searched the settings within MYIG and the new platform and have not found any way to correct this. Any clues? THANKS!