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  1. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I'm referring to an IG share dealing SIPP as outlined here: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/sipp/share-dealing I had previously seen the document you linked which is actually what sparked my question. The IG site above makes it sound like the cost is £195 annual fee (payable to James Hay) + regular share dealing fees payable to IG. However, on page 3 of the document in the "Investments" section, there is mention of an "Annual Investment Centre Platform Charge" of 0.18% upto the first £500k. I'm unclear on if this applies to any funds held in the IG share dealing SIPP. Out of interest, who do you use for your SIPP and why did you choose them? Thanks in advance!
  2. Have I posted this to the wrong place or does no one use the IG SIPP?
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for some further clarification around the IG James Hay SIPP. I see there is an annual fee of £195, but there is also mention of % fees on some of the James Hay documentation. Please could someone clarify if the IG SIPP just charges the £195 per year (plus standard IG trading costs) or is it £195 + a % (if so what) + standard IG trading costs. Also, I have unused allowance from previous years, is it possible to input this somewhere within the IG SIPP? Finally, for those that have one already, how have you found it? I'm struggling to find many reviews online so I'm unclear on how popular it is. Thanks all
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