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  1. Hi, I have just got a new mobile phone and will be migrating from the old one in the next few days. I have two factor authentication working with the IG Authentication app on the old phone. As such when I go to settings under my account, the two-factor authentication section just tells me how to disable 2FA. How do I set up the IG Authentication app on the new phone (i.e. move from the old to the new phone)? Regards, Ben.
  2. I joined IG a few months ago and have successfully set up share dealing and ISA accounts including a smart portfolio. I thought that I was able to set up more than one smart portfolio (potentially with different risk ratings). However, if I login to my account, go to add account on the page that opens (https://investments.ig.com/) the 'overview' and 'ISA tabs just display the message 'Sorry but the service you are requesting is not available'. The 'General investment', 'SIPP' and 'News' tabs seem to work OK. The status page (http://status.ig.com/) states that everything is operational.
  3. I've tried over the last couple of days to set up 2FA in Firefox, IE and Edge. None of them will display the required QR code. As a minor aside, the instructions say to click the green button, which is blue.
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