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  1. I was just looking on 4-Traders.com which is handy to get a recent price. They show an eps revisions in chart from for the last year, probably not the most accurate but it gives you an idea in seconds. Beats trying to navigate to the right pages on Digitallook especially since they ruined upgraded their website. here is the forecast eps graph from 4-Traders.com
  2. Looks like Shire could continue to fall in the short term. The forecast earnings estimates are still on a downtrend, The recent guidance from Shire on 8 January was for revenue of $17 -18bn by 2020 from a previous guidance of around $20bn. Finally the 20 DMA is getting close to crossing the 50 day DMA which would confirm the short term down trend. Finally the PER of over 19 is not particularly compelling.
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