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  1. Thanks for the clarification guys. I'm up and running but sometimes I get curious about the mechanics. Not doing too bad for a rookie but lot's to learn. Enjoy the rest of your week. Kind regards.
  2. Thanks for your reply. So as I understand, once you pay the price for the shares, the only thing relevant is the average price of them all at the time, and how many you have? So If I bought 50 shares at £10 and 50 shares at £5 and the current price is £7.50, then I have 100 shares worth £750 and that's my break even point. I'm not at a 'loss' on the shares I paid £10 for. Am I getting that right? Kind regards
  3. Hi all, New to this. Just wondering, if I buy 50 shares at £5 and then 50 shares at £8, when I go to sell 50 shares later on, which ones get sold? Thanks!
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