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  1. check out chart below significant short squeeze on the treasury yields, hence why gold is up dollar down.
  2. Also keep an eye on treasuries as well as they have a good correlation notably the MARCH 17 ones
  3. FORCE OPEN should automatically occur when you tear of a ticket, if you are hedging the same security then you do if i remember have to tick force open it.
  4. Bearish bets against US Treasuries climb to new record Big short positions accompany a steep sell-off in US government debt The amount of money making bets that US Treasuries will fall in value climbed to a new record high over the last week in a wager that faster US economic growth and higher inflation will weigh further on government bond prices. So-called “non-commercial” speculative positions selling the 10-year Treasury futures contract have been rising since the US presidential election and hit 816,156 contracts in the week to January 3, outnumbering long positions by 344,931 — a
  5. Trump trade dominates markets this week Investors focused on tweets and words from the president-elect. Here are the big questions for investors ahead of the coming trading week. What impact will Donald Trump’s press conference have on markets? “I will be having a general news conference on JANUARY ELEVENTH in N.Y.C. Thank you.” That was how the president-elect last week [3] tweeted news of what is surely the first big market-moving event of the year — if it takes place. Mr Trump has form in announcing press conferences that subsequently are cancelled. It may even be more significant
  6. So DOW hit 20000 or 1 point away same thing. 2017 is going to be a very interesting year, but looking at some of the big movers on the DOW index you can clearly see that the American people are being taken for a ride. Just look at the charts below JPM and GS below up 35% and 45% for Goldman in-fact at 2008 highs. And this is all on speculation of Trump going all out with fiscal stimulus increasing the national debt. Unemployment is running under 5% and housing has recovered, one would question such a need for fiscal stimulus. I think we also need to watch what is going to happen with NAFTA as
  7. You have FTSE100 futures, which is a roll-over after the cash open. Dont forget you have all your march and june contracts as well which are run by ICE.
  8. FTSE100 will need to find some serious buying power if it is to maintain its bullish trajectory trend line is extremely vulnerable at the moment.
  9. The whole FCA thing is completely exaggerated, most brokers who i have spoke to suggest that if anything the FCA proposals could be a positive thing for companies like IG, PLUS500 has taken a massive battering on its share price. CFDS where originaly and institutional product and then released to retail traders, like every-other institutional product eventually is, in-fact stocks and share at one time very long time ago of course where also an institution only product. The hedge fund industry as a whole has taken a significant battering this year.
  10. Why One Trader Believes The Dollar Rally Is Over (Zero hedge). http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-05/why-one-trader-believes-dollar-rally-over (The most relevant part of the article is the republican party being concerned with the level of debt
  11. Leveraged based products do carry an element of risk, but remember many professional traders as well as algo trading use leverage to trade CFD's originally was an institutional only thing. Stocks and shares are also risky except you only loose the amount you put in. The difference unfortunetly between professional and retail is that professionals put risk management before profits and retails do the opposite of that. Wins and loses are part of trading, no system and no professional trader will ever get 100% wins it is not possible and no system including algo trading will give you that either.
  12. Check out AUD USD below, depending on direction of gold and DXY pressure could mount enough for a break out here, at the same time of course if ADP numbers are strong then we could see this continue lower. Hourly however much clearer risk to the downside greater than upside.
  13. TOP RISKS 2017: THE GEOPOLITICAL RECESSION http://www.eurasiagroup.net/issues/Top-Risks-2017
  14. check out golds correlation really well presented on chart below against aud usd. Courtesy of dailyFX
  15. Hence why you should always stick to the trend no-matter how crazy the fundamentals are sometimes.
  16. CABLE has been falling since 2008, but yeh i know what you mean.
  17. It will hopefully turn out fine, the FCA need to crack down on the more aggressive small time brokers i think IG will continue to do well specially with the expected VOL coming from Trump and EU elections. They need to make sure ODEY A.M loses his bet.
  18. i have not had an issue with scalping has majority of my trades are based on this, but i can understand where you are coming from. Best stay in contact with them to help resolve this, hope you resolve the issue.
  19. dollar index dominates all, only euro data i would watch is inflation and ECB statements.
  20. Tri, IG makes their money through spreads and commissions, it is not in their interest for clients to lose money, otherwise they would have nobody left. They are not actively betting against you, it would not even be financially feasible, contract sizes are to big, instead they hedge almost all client positions in the underlying market which is expected to ensure their is sufficient liquidity provided and manage client exposure. We all take each others side of the trade, this is normal in not just spread trading, but in stocks, futures, call and puts, swaps etc. Remember you cannot buy unless
  21. Hi their Andrew, if i was to give a perspective on the direction of trend for the FTSE100 is that the trend could indeed continue. However if EU inflation proves to be better than previous i.e 1% up from 0.6 then market participants could panic and FTSE100 could come under pressure, this would be noted most likely days or weeks before. Watch the dollar index as this is also a good indicator since earnings of most companies are in dollars. From a technical perspective observe on the hourly time frame that we are being supported by a an ascending trend-line with multiple touches, but the bulls a
  22. Euro Area Sees Price Gains as Manufacturing Picks Up Pace(BLOOMBERG) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-02/euro-area-sees-price-gains-as-manufacturing-picks-up-pace?cmpid=socialflow-twitter-business&utm_content=business&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  23. Nine events that will shape the world in 2017 (1-2 been excluded as focused on syrian conflict not particularly relevant from a market perspective) From Trump taking the oath to European elections — a guide for the next 12 months After a year of political earthquakes, 2017 is unlikely to be an easy ride. Here is a guide to what to watch for across the globe in the coming year, ranging from Donald Trump’s assumption of power to Britain’s slow exit from the EU and the possible end of Isis’s self-styled caliphate in the Middle East. January: Trump’s inauguration Judging by his behaviour,
  24. Below is an interesting chart of DXY. As you can see from the chart below we are staying above the ascending trend line and been rejecting the break >3 times. With a list of key US data out next week including NFP the dollar is set without doubt for a volatile session providing great trading opportunities. In the event that we do have very strong US data, a good level to place your eyes on will be the the 104 to 10536 level. 1st the 104 level is a key resistance from 2002, but even if we break this level we have the 105 to contend with and this is a key fib level. The present trend on the 4
  25. FTSE100 TRADE OF THE WEEK For the FTSE100, although their could be some drama at the ECB on the 19th of January. The sectors i will be watching will be oil and gas, house hold and goods, healthcare and banks as these have >10% weight on the FTSE100. Watching the EIA inventories as well since OPEC is supposed to be start cutting output will be crucial for the FTSE100. Therefore it will be a mixed picture has you will have different sector performances. But those 4 heavyweights will be key to help determine direction of travel. I do think watching the dollar index is key since the FTSE100 co
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