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  1. EPIC = 'IX.D.FTSE.DAILY.IP' PRICE_RESOLUTION = 'D' NUM_POINTS = 20 ig_service = IGService(IG_USERNAME, IG_PASSWORD, IG_API_KEY, IG_ACCT_TYPE) ig_service.create_session() response = ig_service.fetch_historical_prices_by_epic_and_num_points(EPIC, PRICE_RESOLUTION, NUM_POINTS) df_ask = response['prices']['ask'] This is the basic code a friend gave m. I am unable to build on this. My query is, is this type of code antiquated? Is there a new python example code? If this code is ok, how do I change parameters? What are the other calls that can be used to get data in pytho
  2. Hi, I was trying my hand at programming to get some data. I am unable to find a list of instrument EPICs in the glossary or reference. Could anyone please point me to the right place to look for those? EPIC = 'CS.D.EURUSD.MINI.IP' here is an example of an epic. I am looking for FTSE100 DFB and others. Thanks in advance
  3. What are the adjustments for this week and next week? Will they be posted here?
  4. Got the error in my spreadsheet. 1.72 is fine!
  5. My calculation shows FTSE dividend adjustments this week to be close to 0.22. Is the figure 1.72 correct? There are only three FTSE100 companies going ex-div today. ITV, Rolls-Royce, and Ferguson are those three. Could you please check these calculations?
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