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  1. Hi, I'm also concerned with IG's withdrawal policy. I overpaid two duplicate payments into my IG account due to a website error 'transaction timed out', I repeated the payment with PayPal which was successful. I then checked my online banking statement and three payments for same amount had gone to IG. I asked to withdraw the duplicate payments and was asked to send proof (bank statement, details etc). I sent the documents (screenshots) immediately, but received no acknowledgement The note on the IG site says allow 1-2 days for money to reach your account, but eight days later still no funds returned to my bank account. Who's email/department do I need to contact at IG to expedite the refund? .
  2. - another 'noob to IG' question. If I have funds in my IG account, can I buy BTC directly (not leveraged or spreads) and send to my own wallet address?
  3. Logging out and back in has removed the error, but now the buy is being stopped due to it being 'a US share trade' - but the company is 'ABB Ltd' a European company. is IG a USA platform, do I need to alter the dashboard somehow to only show the UK Stock Exchange?
  4. Thanks for the update. I read a bit more about how it works, but when I click the 'Place Order' button it shows an error. I've attached screenshots. I tried buying 4 shares, which are each priced at 26.03/26.39 I entered 27.40 in the Order Level field. Should I enter 109.60 (27x4). The error is this... Sorry for all the questions, but I don't know if the IG system has an 'undo' or 'correct your entry' feature, and I don't want to do something dumb that sends my cash into digital limbo where I can't retrieve it.
  5. Hi, unfortunately that thread link goes to a 404-not-found. The specific question I have is what should be entered in the Order type > Order Level field ? The help-tip mentions a level that applies to a day trade, but I want to leave the shares I buy in my account for years and not have them affected by anything I type into the Order Level field - I understand the value of the shares may fluctuate, but I don't want the IG system to automatically sell them if they hit a temporary low. What number should be in that field if I'm buying one share at 26.39? I also notice the number of shares I can by goes up in increments of 50 (I can buy one share or a multiple of 50), If I wanted to buy a qty between 1 and 50, do I have to repeat the steps of buying one share several times until I reach my desired amount? Will each single 'buy' incur a fee?
  6. Thanks for the speedy reply, I looked at that Platform link but couldn't find a 'Company search' field, there's a specific company and a particular managed-fund I'm looking for. I know their abbreviated 'trade code/names', is it a case of scrolling down the list of companies until I find them or is there an easier route? Aha! I've found one company! Next question is what do I enter in those fields shown in the small popup? Is there a documentation page where I can see an explanation of how the order-type/limit-day should be used if I just want to hold the shares for a long time and not buy/sell in a day market?
  7. Thanks for the YT channel link, I hadn't found that. It sounds like the StockBroking account is the one I need, is that something I can access from my 'normal' IG log-in? I've not seen a 'stockbroking' link in the dashboard or Account pages, maybe it's labelled something else and I'm not accustomed to the vernacular.
  8. Hi IG Community, noobest of the noobs here! This is my first venture into the stock-market/trading (whatever it's called), and have decided to see what's beyond cryptocurrency. I've put some funds in my IG account and decided on a long-game strategy, which is a complete antithesis to my usual '****, just go 4 it' approach to life. I'm here to learn and hopefully gain some passive income from dividends in some tech sectors I have some experience in. The IG platform appears to be geared towards short term trading, which is something that doesn't appeal to me - am I in the wrong place for buying shares in companies that I believe, will increase in value over the next three to five years?