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  1. Possibly. I can't see the future. But I've had good results with that index recently, and I think it's a technology with no where to go but up over the long term. I agree the margin being asked is eye-watering, but I'll take that over not being allowed to trade it at all.
  2. . . . . . .does anyone know if there's any way get around the imminent ban on trading crypto assets? I've been quite succesfully using the Crypto 10 index as I was reluctant to pile everything into a single cryptocurrency that may or may not see widespread adoption. Does anyone know if there's anyway for a UK resident now to trade these assets other than buying them directly? (I'm not eligible for "professional" status). Oh and if anyone from the FCA ever reads this - reign in your egos and stop treating adults like children. All you ever do is make my life more diff
  3. Thank you. You've explained it much more clearly than they did.
  4. Just had this message. "We’re increasing our initial margin requirement for Brent and US Crude. This is due to the recent price action of oil. Our starting margin rate will be the larger of 80 points multiplied by your trade size or 5% of the notional value of your trade, based on the opening level. This rate is already in effect for new positions opened now, and will apply to any existing positions and working orders from 4pm (UK time) on Friday 24 April 2020." Could some kind soul please explain to me what this actually means in practice? If I have a £1 a point position on say Ju
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