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  1. Thanks. I assumed you have been with IG for long. That's slightly comforting. I've tried Live Chat, Document Upload, Sending Document via email, Direct Message IG Twitter, to no avail in getting even the slightest response. Only response I got was from Live Chat which they said they're looking into it. Haven't tried phone service - as I'm dialing international calls. Super expensive from my country.
  2. Happened to me too! Loving the diverse choice of markets to trade and the options for instantaneous credit card deposit. I'm about to lose faith with IG of putting my money in here. Have others experienced the same? Would I encounter similar problems when withdrawing my funds, with such level of customer service?
  3. Hi guys, The diverse choice of markets to trade in IG brings me here - so I just created an account. Account opening docs have been submitted since Feb 1. Is it normal to take this long to process? Regards, Ayung
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