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  1. EURUSD trading idea; *Watch for trend continuation for sell entry, *Possible H&S pattern, *Watch the bottom around 1.2160 area for long opportunity, Trade with care, Best Regards,
  2. Hi Trader, DXY index is giving reversal signal, but i'm expected one more impulse to the upside, to complet the (5-3-5) corrective pattern. The XAUUSD have samilar structure and one final impulse to the down side before the expected reversal. Trade with care, Never riske more than 1 to 2% per trade from your total account. Best Regrads. Omar
  3. Hi Traders, Buyers are aggressive on the Oil, but the upside of the price action is limited by fundamentals and technicals factors. I will be looking for a swing trade to the down side. Best Regards, Omar. .
  4. The Dollar is very weak, We might see it back again at bottom,
  5. Hi Traders, I was monitoring the USDNOK for while and finaly last week on friday after the NFP i catched a swing trade that i closed yesterday with a profite of + 10.24% on my portfolio On the Weekly time frame the structure is correcting for further mouvement to the upside, On the Daily and lower time frame the price action failed to make it through the 8.0293 area, so i'm expected the price will role down till 7.900 level for new attempt for a bounce backup, I will be looking for long trade pattern on the short and meduim term, Never risk more that 1 to 3 % per trade, Best Re
  6. Hi Traders, XAUUSD price action has retraced bellow 38.2% FIB (1321.6$) and near 50.0% FIB (1306.6$) area, we might see buy opportunity near 1301.5 $ area @ 161.8% Fibonacci-extension of the corrective strcutrure. Gold has losted 52.3$ in the last 12 days with an average of -4.358$ per day since the 25/01/2018 where it was traded @ 1370.4 $, The big palyers will be back soon to the market. Never risk more than 1to 3% per trade, Best Regards Omar
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