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  1. I agree with your anaysis. Great postings. I look at things a little more simply. I am very bearish, we need a catalyst to get it going. I see on the daily chart of the Dow a trendline down from the May 15 highs, through Nov/Dec highs 2015. This was broken with a higher high in April 16. downtrend line broken from highs. However a failed break to ultimate new highs is ominous. On my chart I see that downtrend line has support at 17400 and also corresponds to 100 day moving av. There is a head and shoulders reversal at 17500 - 17530 shown in yellow on my chart. We are there now. This area has been support for the last month. if this breaks I expect 17410 area to be support on the 100 moving av. This was an area of resistance on the way up. Breaks this and we are on the way down again. Looking at monthly and weekly charts using time spacing I suspect any move really lower to be next month, but we need a catalyst, what could this be? how do I post my chart from my IG account to here?
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