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  1. Thanks Mcg for the response. I think it is obvious that I am frustrated at the moment with the service from IG. Regards
  2. Catvs - glad you got help from community and seem satisfied with result. However, as an Ig client for 2 years can I just point out that you received absolutely no customer support from IG index and your problem is not really resolved. Only pointing this out as I am having the same problem using the debit card I use to fund my account. Just suddenly not working - no reason behind it, no indication from IG that there is a problem. Been a client of IG for 2 years and despite trying to get customer support ---- there is never any response.
  3. Just to say I have not been able to fund my ISA account with my bank card today even when I know it worked previously. Have had an IG account for 2 years and have never once managed to get through to any kind of customer support. they provide an online Chat facility and phone support but I know from experience --- Don't waste your time. Just have to try again tomorrow. I like the website which is why I use IG but I also know that customer support does not exist.
  4. I have a Share Dealing account with IG. I would like to open a self managed share dealing ISA for tax year 2020/2021. Also there are two lines of shares in my share dealing account that I would like to transfer to the new ISA. what is the best way to do this? I've seen the Bed and ISA process and I assume this is the best way to proceed. However, I have just a couple of questions: 1) Do I open the new ISA online myself in the first place and can I open a 2020/2021 ISA now? 2) Once the ISA is open, Do I contact the share dealing desk to do the Bed
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