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  1. Yep. Same issue here. Replied on another thread as well and no response from IG.
  2. Yes. Today (Mon 17-May-21) I have the Gap in the daily chart over the timeframe you indicated on your original post. Will we get a reply from IG? Not likely.
  3. Thanks Mcg for the response. I think it is obvious that I am frustrated at the moment with the service from IG. Regards
  4. Catvs - glad you got help from community and seem satisfied with result. However, as an Ig client for 2 years can I just point out that you received absolutely no customer support from IG index and your problem is not really resolved. Only pointing this out as I am having the same problem using the debit card I use to fund my account. Just suddenly not working - no reason behind it, no indication from IG that there is a problem. Been a client of IG for 2 years and despite trying to get customer support ---- there is never any response.
  5. Just to say I have not been able to fund my ISA account with my bank card today even when I know it worked previously. Have had an IG account for 2 years and have never once managed to get through to any kind of customer support. they provide an online Chat facility and phone support but I know from experience --- Don't waste your time. Just have to try again tomorrow. I like the website which is why I use IG but I also know that customer support does not exist.
  6. I have a Share Dealing account with IG. I would like to open a self managed share dealing ISA for tax year 2020/2021. Also there are two lines of shares in my share dealing account that I would like to transfer to the new ISA. what is the best way to do this? I've seen the Bed and ISA process and I assume this is the best way to proceed. However, I have just a couple of questions: 1) Do I open the new ISA online myself in the first place and can I open a 2020/2021 ISA now? 2) Once the ISA is open, Do I contact the share dealing desk to do the Bed and ISA transfer? 3) Does the dealer execute the selling of my shares from my share dealing account and the repurchase in the ISA straight away if contacted in trading hours? (While on the phone with me) Does the re-purchase settle in my ISA immediately? My concern is if I ask to do the Bed and ISA and then it is not carried out until later that the share price could move significantly? Can you tell me the risks as my understanding is that there is no delay in the execution of the sell and re-purchase in the ISA (this is immediate) However, is there a possible delay from when I ask for a bed and ISA to be done and the dealer actually proceeding with the instruction? 4) Finally, for selling entire holding and repurchase of two lines of shares what would the approximate cost be? Thank-you in advance for your help. I look forward to your reply. Regards
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