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  1. I'm not sure whether it is my ISP or IG but at around 10pm - midnight to 1am Australian AEST timezone, my internet speed crawls and I have problems with my connection with IG as well. Are any other Australian users experiencing the same problem?
  2. I put in an order to short the DOW last night. 28-29 May 2019. Initially I was in the red, but afterwards (when I fell to sleep) it went into the black. I had a target of 100 points. I achieved that and closed at a profit. But I was wondering if I could put in an order with a trailing stop in this type of order?
  3. My platform , my computer is in Singapore which shares the same time zone as HK. could it be my VPN is causing this error?
  4. My time stamp on my trades is incorrect. There is an error of minus 1 hour. I'm trading in Singapore on the HK market - which is in the same time zone. So I'm not sure why there is this error. I called up the helpdesk but she says its due to daylight saving. The answer doesn't make sense.
  5. My internet service provider (Singtel) is offering a new package where they promise 10gig speeds. I'm currently on the 1gig plan and averaging 80mbps if I'm using the cable instead of my wifi. Just wondering whether other IG traders have used a faster service and found it beneficial or more problem prone? Regards