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  1. Thanks for your reply, Rimmy. In response to your first question, up until very recently, I was investing in shares based on fundamentals and gut feel(!) and holding them for long periods of time; I also invest in funds. What I mean by 'trading' is short term buying and selling of indices based on technical analysis. This is what I am trying to learn. As far as shares are concerned, I tend to leave the Pharma sector alone - it is such a struggle for traditional big Pharma - due to generic competition and huge financial and regulatory barriers for new drugs. The shares I invest in tend to be a bit more racy - oil, commodities and new disruptive tech; I balance this out by investing in funds too. Thanks for your interest, Steve
  2. Hi, This is my first post to the IG Community. After 20 years in the pharmaceutical sector, I have decided to branch out and learn trading to at least get some pocket money. I have invested in shares for many years and also enjoy betting on sport. I have started my trading on the major indices and cryptocurrency. I may add individual shares and commodities in due course. My decisions are based on technical analysis whilst being mindful of any fundamental backdrop. Hopefully the IG Community will enhance my knowledge and give me trading ideas; I may even have ideas of my own once I become more established. Best Wishes, Steve
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