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  1. Fixed at 21:50 23-Jul ... again from API Companion: "rolloverDetails": null, "newsCode": ".FTSE", "chartCode": "UKX", "country": "GB", "valueOfOnePip": null, "onePipMeans": null, "contractSize": null, "specialInfo": ["MAX KNOCK OUT LEVEL DISTANCE", "DEFAULT KNOCK OUT LEVEL DISTANCE"] }, "dealingRules": { "minStepDistance": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 5.0 }, "minDealSize": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 0.5 }, "minControlledRiskStopDistance": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 8.0 }, "minNormalStopOrLimitDistance": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 8.0 }, "maxStopOrLimitDistance": { "unit": "PERCENTAGE", "value": 75.0 }, "marketOrderPreference": "AVAILABLE_DEFAULT_OFF", "trailingStopsPreference": "AVAILABLE" },
  2. IG: "Unfortunately, we are experiencing an issue with the Market Data details that are being pulled in the REST API, this is being looked into and a fix is currently in testing. Please bear with us as we look to get this resolved as soon as possible for you"
  3. The REST call for Market Details (/markets/{epic} V2) seems to be returning empty Dealing Rules as of 18-July: they were functioning properly until that point, and give empty details now even using the API Companion (https://labs.ig.com/sample-apps/api-companion/index.html), so I know that it isn't my code. Here's an extract (for FTSE100 DFB) from this afternoon, generated using API Companion ... Any idea what's going on? Rick