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  1. @Caseynotes Is very good with this sort of thing however there is a specific pro real time forum somewhere on prorealtime.com which gets a lot of discussion and maybe better for this question.
  2. I feel that in theory this makes sense but I’m not entirely convinced that this always happens at the same time, and therefore could be difficult to spot. Also, I think there’s a post on Community about institutional investing and how to gauge it to see when to get involved. A very easy to follow set of criteria.
  3. When you say that are you referring to individuals being paid out from their pensions and all the mom and pop people bidding, or you talking about institutional dates for large bids on particular stocks?
  4. Well that would look like it’s my next read! Thanks all and any other suggestions would be interesting to hear
  5. PandaFace

    Programming a delay

    Mt4 or PRT? I know there are a couple people on here who know about that stuff. But also both have some helpful forums as well.
  6. PandaFace


    Does this also account for the pro real time chart rebate thing when you do X number of trades? Maybe that’s why you got it?
  7. Thought the below was really interesting and I’d recommend taking the time to watch. Think it shows brad in a very good light and I do believe what he has been doing for the last few years has been in the interest of a fairer market. William O'Brien who was the BATS Global Markets Presidents at the time comes off very poorly. This was filled back in 2014 and I’d love to see a recent interview with all three again to see what has happened and if anyone thinks differently. The youtube comments are are hilariously accurate and very similar which shows that this basic thought of mine above seems to be shared. "Notice how composed Brad and Michael are, while William O'Brien is so quick to interrupt, make accusations, and panicky remarks. It's clear he's back into a corner and he's spewing anything he can to get out." "FYI, Will O'Brien was fired 4 months after this interview." "I think the analogy of what happens to an animal when it's cornered by a predator, flailing and thrashing wildly in a last ditch effort to survive, applies perfectly to O'Brien in this segment. Michael and Brad have him cornered, and he's doing his best to thrash his way out of it by misdirection combined with fast, loud, and loaded arguments. This is just the beginning."
  8. Ps didn’t know where to post this but assumed this was the best place.
  9. I don’t know the word for it but I wanted to start a thread about books which are routed in fact but they have a better flow for reading, kind of like ‘flash boys’ but Michael Lewis which is the most well known I would imagine. Which interesting finance and trading related books have you read and would recommend? Maybe they don’t need to ALL be specifically like that but any trading books you find interesting. I am currently reading Dark Pool by Scott Patterson and it’s very very interesting. I would recommend reading or getting from Amazon or the library if you can. Paperback is a few quid and it’s an interesting read. All about how these matching engines started and pooled liquidity away from the main exchanges. It gives you a good understanding of the “plumbing” behind it all. Also makes more sense when looking at the market. I’m the sort of person who would like to read as much around a topic as possible and I think it makes you a better well rounded trader to understand the back end too. Has anyone else got some books to recommend please?
  10. @202925 What on earth are you talking about? IG isn’t ‘the house’ in the same way a casino is. Why ON EARTH would you have an account with them if you thought that? Seems kinda dumb... also in my opinion the rules for professional are pretty clear. How have they changed the goal posts? Would be interested to hear. I read something in the paper the other day where something like 900k people applied for an account and only 120k odd were opened - I can’t remember the time frame. Also something like tens of thousands of people have applied for a professional account so no wonder your not getting a personalised response. Go figure 🙄
  11. Great post. Now although you say this is simple stuff for yourself, I’m sure it’s something a lot of people wouldn’t even really know where to start with (myself included). There are certainly many aspects which have helped and I know like yourself that I’m begging to think ‘the end is neigh’ for equity markets with the geopolitical risks, Brexit, winding down of bond buybacks by the ECB (kicking off September right?), an over extended market anyway and someprofit taking, and the trump tariffs possibly coming into effect. Also inflation increases ... even gradual you’ll see a drop in discretionary consumer spending, companies far less liquid... i think we have a little way to go before any cause for concern but as with all investment it’s good to get a finger on the pulse early and start tracking the companies. THANK YOU
  12. PandaFace

    Gold and Silver - Turning Bearish?

    Or is it the Chinese?! The PBoC post from last week.
  13. The vote thing however has stated that it’ll be on there for at least the end of the month and then it’ll have to be implemented so I wouldn’t hold your breath unfortunately
  14. PandaFace

    Dividend Adjustments 16 July - 20 July

    @HB Aren’t those last ten minutes an auction? Never trade it but why would they take out diva ten mins before the close? Or does it not have a closing auction at all hence why they have to take it out early...