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  1. PandaFace


    Assume you can get the same sort of botswhich alert you rather than trade? Maybe this would be worthwhile and then you can make a more informed trading decision at that time? I tend to think of it likethis... if someone had a bot which consistently made money, why on earth sell it?
  2. PandaFace

    Carbon Emissions

    Altho yes. I think if they just alert people quicker to movements that would be good. The article may be good for seo but am I gonna read all that... god no.
  3. PandaFace

    Carbon Emissions

    I get your points @TrendFollower but James said somewhere that these are more for ‘google juice’ rather than getting first to the news room. They cant post one way trade ideas remember. But can post factual info. That’s the point of community so you and me and others can post ideas and talk about it. As the biggest financial betting company they probably know what they’re doing it’s like when Apple removed the headphone jack and people lost their little minds. Or when they removed the CD drive from laptops. When was the last time you used a CD Rom...
  4. PandaFace

    Tilray Inc (TLRY) on Nasdaq

    And that’s the bubble 😂
  5. PandaFace

    Python3 Automated Trading App

    Thanks @JamesIG @TG12 we have 2013 at home. Thank you!
  6. PandaFace

    Python3 Automated Trading App

    Always thought it meant kinda stupid? Oh dear! Turns out google says it’s something very different... can you edit @JamesIG
  7. Watched the mtgox video which IG posted yesterday on the EMEA brief yesterday and it was pretty good. Jeremy naylor notes that we’re seeing higher lows which could be the turning point... isnt there also supposed to be etf chat coming from the states this month?
  8. PandaFace

    Python3 Automated Trading App

    @TheGuru12 I love that chart number 2 you have that goes up on the left and down on the right. How did you do it? Excel I assume but I’m a **** at that so could you maybe give a little guidance?
  9. PandaFace

    Carbon Emissions

    Huge read 😬
  10. PandaFace

    New: Knock-outs

    How about just having a new work stationwhoch you can tear out and have just one function on? Ie close deal?
  11. PandaFace

    Tree Shakes

    Thanks for this rimmy. Certainly thought provoking in my opinion. It sort of shows how important liquidity is in these markets, and if I’m honest it kinda reiterated the issue with market makers. There have been a few posts on here recently regarding MMs and setting passive working orders on the share to look to sell, and this really backsthat sort of stuff up. Why set a stop loss when the MM can simply drop their bid offer spread to take out a few players. Correct me if I’m wrong but this seems a big ****- baggy? 
  12. Nothing like super inflated (trying to steer clear of the word ‘hyper’) house prices to really boost consumer confidence and the macro barometers which define a ‘strong’ economy...
  13. PandaFace

    hurricane florence

    @TrendFollower is a big commods man so that would be interesting to hear his thoughts. ill post mine later.
  14. PandaFace

    Carbon Emissions

    Ahhh the well know german Nordic power market differential 😂😂😂