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  1. Newspapers (and online) are there to sell clicks and reads. Not to accurately reflect the market. Also things can change in that space of time! Did you see the last 2 days?!
  2. Unsure if joke 🤔 just trade and they’re happy lol
  3. “A curious thing has happened,” the IMF observed in a blog post last week, noting that the $100 bill had overtaken the $1 bill in circulation for the first time. ... no hope
  4. Haven’t you been calling this sell off since its IPO at $25? Only 10x plus since then but yeh 👍🏻
  5. I agree this is going to be offered to the pits but s’good food.
  6. Ever had any of their products @TrendFollower ?
  7. Yeh easiest way to see is check next futures and if further away is higher you’ll likely be debited. BUT depends on steepness. Also it really is zero sum as movement along the curve with profit and loss on the open position off set it.
  8. Pretty solid reversal with oilgrttingbid up at the moment “Kazakhstan supports extending a global output cut deal by OPEC and non-OPEC producers until the end of this year”
  9. Possible something because the market is closed and platform isn’t behaving?
  10. Thoughts on ultra sell off and 40 bucks oil @elle ?
  11. Avid reader of this thread. Thanks. Edit- need to reply to your other post! Will do so soon when not on mob.
  12. Takes a couple of days as they’re not a prime broker or something like that. Waiting on BACS payment....
  13. Saw that happening in real time. What a move. Would have caught a few people out and popped those trailing stops!
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