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  1. Surprised this isn’t in the ‘info’ part of the platform tbh
  2. Will read when not on mobile. Interesting concept
  3. Binaries are limited risk, limited reward. Why bother with them over options which have a bigger upside potential?
  4. A week of stagnation or a minor pull back I would think.
  5. Likely you can’t. Requirement for some account types to have a ‘limited risk’ requirements I think maybe if you are “inexperienced” or have insufficient stability financially.
  6. Predictions on the next 10 years that’s the question! There must be a way to plot movements like this and then draw those comparisons. Good for the SIPP or ISA.
  7. Stick transfer can take a month or more but yes as others have said @JamesIG may be able to push internally. Things can slip thru the cracks but also make sure you check junk mail folder as I had that issue before
  8. Buggy? 😂 its almost as if they’re a company trying to getyou to trade / sign up
  9. Well there’s your answer. Seems odd and doubt were getting the full picture regarding this...
  10. Given time of day you posted I assumeit was because the market was closed... either try when the market is open, or even better maybe call in and see if there is an option to get a commission free trade seeing as this seems like a minor annoyance and unlikely issue. Would assume you set a limit order to sell (for example when you have 10 shares) but the price only came down to your level and had liquidity at that point for 9. Or failing that user error and you only typed in 9. either way worth an ask as could save yourself a few bucks.
  11. You can use metatrader4 website and follow instructions there. As far as I know they all simply use emulators like Parallels etc as one is UNIX based on the other OS Isn’t
  12. What’s the issue or question maybe we can help? Also depends on when you emailed and you’re expected turn around time. Generally a day for a non timespecific question - manage expectations.