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  1. Valid points but I believe there are gbp denominated values in your Point 2 above.
  2. PandaFace

    Selling options and option spreads

    depends on account type as i doubt you can on a limited risk account
  3. PandaFace

    Brexit Countdown

    And interesting viewpoint. House of Commons debate this week is unlikely to resolve anything so it looks at current trajectories the ‘no deal’ (which our man thinks is a non sensical sentence and very possibly t is) is more on the cards.
  4. It was always a potential reason for raising interest rates back in the day - the fact that in the near future (ie now) the central banks would need to lower them again to give a bit of stimulus. That seems to be happening. We have the Fed spewing dovish tones whilst the BoE has downgraded its economic outlook to its lowest level since the financial crisis which let’s not forget was a decade ago amid mounting uncertainty over Britain’s exit from the EU. stocks are loving it. Granted that has a couple other factors like trade war talks. Would be interested in what people are thinking. I don’t like to predict these things but the writing seems to be on the wall. Brexit has shown it’s worrying face as well. Read in the FT this morning “Nearly four-fifths of the gilts in circulation are held by UK investors and the market has become increasingly reliant on domestic support. Last year foreign investors’ net purchasing of gilts hit its lowest level for more than three years.” 80% held by uk investors? That seems like a hella lot to me? Is that normal?
  5. PandaFace

    Brexit Countdown

    Fantastic broadcast in my opinion. French seemed to be really commited / pissed or maybe you call it passionate. Both seemed to have a solid opinion which made for fantastic viewing. Would recommend to all on community to listen to the whole thing.
  6. PandaFace

    Finance Charges

    (£3 x whatever value the US Tech is that night) x (US Libor + 2.5%) /365
  7. PandaFace


    You’d have to either sell now, or phone to trade out later I think. I haven’t looked at the stock but was there a sell off after the announcement?
  8. PandaFace


    I don’t think you understand what margin is... increasing the amount you need to open a trade isn’t a benefit for IG 😂 if anythingits a negative. You need more cash to open the same trade which is obviously worse as you can’t teadeas much with the same about of cash.
  9. Klkl thanks. Scanned a couple and saw someare increasing and some are decreasing. It is what it is. What are you trading specifically @Tudor2 which you have an issue with. Assume you don’t mind a reduction in margin (more leverage) so assume you’re annoyed about greater margin?
  10. Didn’t receive can you copy paste?
  11. EM has been smashed recently. Given the potential for a major global correction, wouldn’t EM be first to go? Longer term wouldn’t it be better to wait for the pull back then get in? What top 3 macro events (excluding political) do we need to monitor. Eg price of metals, specific countries GDP etc. Whats an EM hedge?
  12. PandaFace

    IG US Startup

    Interesting. Always wondered why they never target this space. I would go in with a full options offering as well! You go in stock twits etc and every American is talking about options and calls and puts etc. I think it’s necause of regs around otc companies like IG but if that’s the case why did fxcm do it? IG are near 30% smaller spreads! Wonder what that’ll do to their competitors over there...
  13. PandaFace

    Econ Calendar

    Trade ideas suggested on the back of econ calendar events! That would be interesting.
  14. PandaFace

    HELP compounding

    Known as dividend reinvestment but not currently possible on IG im afraid
  15. Just putting a post out because I assume there will be some commentary about this over the next few hours and days. Keep an eye out those in the Asian session. Let’s see if this has an effect on the markets.
  16. Must admit this wasn’t as exciting as I thought from a trade / geopolitical perspective. USDMXN only down 0.7% since anyway.
  17. I find it difficult to get back into trading after an extended break. Does anyone else? Does anyone have any methods for getting interested again? I feel like I want to but I guess I’m just a bit demotivated and deflated (other things in life ehy). Many suggestions appreciated.
  18. PandaFace

    How do I trade the NASDAQ?

    Think it’s also a Copyright thing.
  19. PandaFace


    Should be fine. Where are you based?
  20. PandaFace

    Can anybody explain this?

    Has it resolved itself?
  21. PandaFace

    March spread-bet contract

    Yeh go for it but don’t follow advice blindly. (There was a certain level of humour to my reply - be careful! And test like you are doing) goo luck and share with community if you want to discuss tactics and have opinions
  22. PandaFace

    ESMA Fail

    Expand on that? Interested.
  23. PandaFace

    No Report Post Button

    On mobile it’s a wee flag top right if posts
  24. PandaFace

    Buy and sell price.

    Closed market. Probably an off book trade went through in the auction which the share dealing dma platform pulls from. Will revert to correct price when market opens.