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  1. Newspapers (and online) are there to sell clicks and reads. Not to accurately reflect the market. Also things can change in that space of time! Did you see the last 2 days?!
  2. Unsure if joke 🤔 just trade and they’re happy lol
  3. “A curious thing has happened,” the IMF observed in a blog post last week, noting that the $100 bill had overtaken the $1 bill in circulation for the first time. ... no hope
  4. Haven’t you been calling this sell off since its IPO at $25? Only 10x plus since then but yeh 👍🏻
  5. I agree this is going to be offered to the pits but s’good food.
  6. Ever had any of their products @TrendFollower ?
  7. Yeh easiest way to see is check next futures and if further away is higher you’ll likely be debited. BUT depends on steepness. Also it really is zero sum as movement along the curve with profit and loss on the open position off set it.
  8. Pretty solid reversal with oilgrttingbid up at the moment “Kazakhstan supports extending a global output cut deal by OPEC and non-OPEC producers until the end of this year”
  9. Possible something because the market is closed and platform isn’t behaving?
  10. Thoughts on ultra sell off and 40 bucks oil @elle ?
  11. Avid reader of this thread. Thanks. Edit- need to reply to your other post! Will do so soon when not on mob.
  12. Takes a couple of days as they’re not a prime broker or something like that. Waiting on BACS payment....
  13. Saw that happening in real time. What a move. Would have caught a few people out and popped those trailing stops!
  14. Generally you request your new brokerto kick it off with a form or something.
  15. With that said... it would be cool to have bidoffer spread displayed on the chart MT4 style, even if that’s only on tick/second/minute and when on line chart.
  16. You an authority on fx liquidity and can see all the OTC quotes the LPs are spitting out or just a regular fella sat at home trading on their laptop? Like backwardation said US and UK closed, so aaaaall USD and GBP is locked up, plus Australian session so **** is thin. IG is regulated by FCA and ASIC in aus if that’s where you’re based. What do you think is the benefit of ‘stop hunting’ to take you out of your £1 a point or other tiny position? Paranoia is real. Why don’t you just trade FX DMA then you cut out IG as an intermediatry as well as your deamons...
  17. Whilst interesting, I’m curious if you’ve ever posted a trade direction which is anything other than short...? i guess the challenge would be do you have any tech analysis which is bullish ?
  18. Assume liquidity in DAX far better than bondsfor a Lev position?
  19. Ahhh wrong thread can someone move to shares?
  20. What are your thoughts? I see their troubles but think this is an interesting read. The $10 research note was purely click bait IMO. From: Elon Musk To: Everybody Date: May 16, 2019 As mentioned at the company talk, it is extremely important that we examine every expenditure at Tesla no matter how small, and be sure that it is critical. When making hundreds of thousands of cars, battery packs and solar systems, even a ten cent savings could be worth over $50,000 a year. There are over 10,000 unique parts and processes at Tesla, so making small improvements acros
  21. Why do you need to see the ticker? I use tickers in the search and it works. That’s all they’re useful for. That and having to display info in a restricted area.
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