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  1. 3 hours ago, dmedin said:

    Reuters headline at 2pm on 15/08/19: Futures show markets headed for sharp fall on trade war deterioration fears!

    Reuters headline at 6pm on 15/08/19:  Market rallies as trade war relations improve!


    I had a vague feeling that trading was a mug's game before, but with the passing of each day I'm starting to feel something like contempt and aversion to this stupidity.

    Newspapers (and online) are there to sell clicks and reads. Not to accurately reflect the market. 

    Also things can change in that space of time! Did you see the last 2 days?!

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  2. 6 hours ago, TrendFollower said:

    Beyond Meat's valuation in my opinion is absurd. The article below may be of interest to some of you.

    Beyond Meat Tanks 13 Percent After-Hours Because of This Terrible News


    The current chart 'daily' is below to show the downside potential on this stock.


    For me those who invested pre IPO will be exiting without the man on the street even realising. Those earlier investors will exit at a huge profit as they will have invested at lot lower prices than even the IPO price. They will be rewarded heavily. It is those who decided to join the party late 'herd' that could be burnt badly.

    I am suggesting this from my personal experience of investing in start up growth businesses.

    Haven’t you been calling this sell off since its IPO at $25? Only 10x plus since then but yeh 👍🏻

  3. 2 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

    BTC in a big ramp up then a ramp back down again, supported at 8547 for the time being but a sound rejection of the attempt to move higher.


    Saw that happening in real time. What a move. Would have caught a few people out and popped those trailing stops!

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  4. You an authority on fx liquidity and can see all the OTC quotes the LPs are spitting out or just a regular fella sat at home trading on their laptop? 

    Like backwardation said US and UK closed, so aaaaall USD and GBP is locked up, plus Australian session so **** is thin. 

    IG is regulated by FCA and ASIC in aus if that’s where you’re based. What do you think is the benefit of ‘stop hunting’ to take you out of your £1 a point or other tiny position? 

    Paranoia is real. Why don’t you just trade FX DMA then you cut out IG as an intermediatry as well as your deamons... 

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  5. What are your thoughts? I see their troubles but think this is an interesting read. The $10 research note was purely click bait IMO.


    From: Elon Musk

    To: Everybody

    Date: May 16, 2019

    As mentioned at the company talk, it is extremely important that we examine every expenditure at Tesla no matter how small, and be sure that it is critical.

    When making hundreds of thousands of cars, battery packs and solar systems, even a ten cent savings could be worth over $50,000 a year. There are over 10,000 unique parts and processes at Tesla, so making small improvements across the board has a giant cumulative impact.

    At the same time, we must also continue to make our products subtly better in thousands of small ways.

    It is important to bear in mind that we lost $700 million in the first quarter this year, which is over $200 million per month. Investors nonetheless were supportive of our efforts and agreed to give us $2.4 billion (our net proceeds) to show that we can be financially sustainable.

    That is a lot of money, but actually only gives us approximately ten months at the first-quarter burn rate to achieve breakeven. It’s vital that we respect the faith investors have shown in Tesla, but it will require great effort to do so.

    That is why, going forward, all expenses of any kind anywhere in the world, including parts, salary, travel expenses, rent, literally every payment that leaves our bank account must be reviewed, confirmed as critical and the top of every page of outgoing payments signed by our CFO.

    I will personally review and sign every 10th page.

    Please examine closely every expense where responsibility is, or probably should be, assigned to your group. If in doubt, assume it is on your plate, so that we don’t have anything slip through the cracks.

    This will take at least a few weeks to get right. Please don’t worry if it isn’t correct at first.

    This is hardcore, but it is the only way for Tesla to become financially sustainable and succeed in our goal of helping make the world environmentally sustainable.

    Thanks again for your excellent work,


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