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  1. This has been a great thread!
  2. Think it’s the preceding month https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees
  3. That’s a pretty helpful run down. What screenshot thing do you use?
  4. On the IG trading app Community access thing how do you post pictures?
  5. You have access to a bloomy? Aren’t they like... a billion quid a year?
  6. Spread betting is tax free, but divs are paid / received at points value x size.
  7. What are the three biggest risks to crypto? What are the three biggest potential positive drivers to crypto? Will there be an ether etf? Why do people care so much about an American etf on bitcoin when there are others throughout the world? (Sweden etf) The only reason bitcoin hasn’t been squashed by the US is because it hasn’t proven to be in direct competition with the USD. If it ever does, will bitcoin be in risk? Is USDT a legitimate concern? And yeh like above, cos this guys a broker - what are the market reasons on why crypto is so volatile ?
  8. Just had a look. Why’d they have GBP and EUR contract sizes? And not just stick to one and give £1 a contract as an example?
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