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  1. So you pay a larger spread to get into them but then no overnight charge. You can close whenever you want... however of course there is a certain amount of time when the future is only economical to hold for.
  2. Defo no overnight coats on quarterlies. However they do of course settle at the end of the quarter!
  3. @Caseynotes is this the sort of this COT data is available for? Any insight? I will look further when I’m on my laptop and not mobile.
  4. Go to IG.com and then at the top you’ll see academy. You should be able to start a course from there. @Jean001 and @Mr_Forex we can tag @JamesIG to have a look at this one if you’re both having issues! Must be a bug
  5. As reported by the FT: “...when you strip away all the geopolitical noise that roiled oil prices this year — from Iran sanctions and waivers, Venezuela’s meltdown, US president Donald Trump’s tweets and Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi — boils down to one simple point: the US shale juggernaut is back to travelling at such a pace that it is flattening all other developments in its path.” this is the one we want to watch folks. Those pipelines coming on in 2019 could be sognificant.
  6. Would suggest early morning traders read this! Great read RE: fed and fomc.
  7. Interesting and I think we need to define ‘edge’. For example even a statistical edge is an edge (51% of trades are right using the same risk reward ratio). If there is no edge in your mind then isn’t it just gambling? My thoughts are this... you have a trade idea > you therefore think it’s right (otherwise you wouldn’t place a losing trade on purpose) > you think your idea is right and therefore others must be wrong (otherwise the price would be what you think it should be) so for me it’s a Q of you thinking you’re right and others are wrong. You therefore think you have
  8. Ooooooil so close but you have it all up...
  9. I never knew what the RSI reeeeeeally meant. Thanks for the insight and real world example.
  10. Couple paras have been duplicated
  11. OPEC are set to meet in Vienna next week. Saudi have said they’re looking for stability but not willing to do it alone. What’s the likelihood of a favourable outcome which will be bullish for oil?!
  12. Regulated. Safe as houses. FCA and fscs protection. Have a few years worth of maxedISAwith them
  13. Itchy palms got the better of me and I took a smaaaaallll position out last night. Wish I had seen that bid Nat Gas offer Oil trade @TrendFollower suggested 😂 but now just looking for a reversal over the next three weeks or so - position split in two 30/70 with stop relatively far out for the 30% and just below recent low on the 70. WTI price target towards the 70’s with a trailing stop kicking in long distance but small step added. I.e. take into account market vol and gives it space to breath but also pulls it up as the week progresses. Expect an interesting few weeks on this one
  14. Also - given that the whole bear bull cycle is so know, it’s almost like we’re in a self fulfilling prophecy. Like you said were now just looking at ‘when’ and trying to time it 😬 there’s got to be a short squeeze at the very least.
  15. Commuting so can’t watch right now but will when in. Looking forward to it! I love watching videos from the past, talking about the future (at the time) and then being here now to put it all into perspective now we know what’s happened.
  16. Oil is the flavour of the month but it’s getting hammered. Didn’t take a position but was close to! (Or May have been in and out but out the last couple weeks). Itchy palms now tho...
  17. No opinion on this one I’m afraid. Continue to tag tho and I will input when I can! Usdcad is a tough one for me.
  18. Despite the recent movement (which is nothing in bitcoinshistory - maybe 2%) the price is still holding at that 6300/6400 handle. Low vol is weird ?.
  19. Exactly! And younger people are historically more liberal... could be interesting. Not a fan of such a radical bipartisan environment which were seeing in America but still, you can certainly say the last couple years have increased people’s focus on politics again.
  20. Interesting link thank you. We’re ina transactionary phase at the moment. Hopefully it rolls the right way...
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