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  1. Midterms 2018: Early voting by young people up 500% in Texas and Georgia https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/midterms-2018-election-early-voting-texas-georgia-beto-orourke-ted-cruz-trump-a8609916.html
  2. Goldman still thinking 85 by EOY tho. Lets ignore the fact they’re scumbags with exposure in the market they’re commenting on for a moment tho... ?
  3. Could just be because I’m dumb/not massively into technicals so don’t know what to look for
  4. @Mercury an Elliot wave man for you here? May be interesting to bounce ideas off
  5. Not much action overnight but slightly up. Market seems unsure of direction.
  6. You’re going to have to explain these charts my dude. The pattern may be obvious to you but only if you’re looking for the specifics in them... to the rest of us (collectively putting everyone else in my camp without asking them ?) they’re just charts.
  7. Also as a side note - what’s the point? We already have BTC futures, we have a number of ETF’s, we seem to be getting more, other crypto’s will follow... they can’t just regulate those too. Retards. If anything this will just once again push people offshore, switch to other leverage derivatives etc... mindless
  8. Looks like the good ol FCA is looking to ban leverage derivatives like those we trade. Sigh. Consultation paper seems to be in the works. Like what’s the point you useless bunch of toss pots? Talk about a reg firm who are looking to expand their reach over and over again. Weird that the company who’s prime goal and purpose is to regulate and who wouldn’t be about without the need to funnel more under their umbrella...are the ones who decide what goes under their umbrella. It’s like “business is slow and the higher ups need KPIs - let’s find something that doesn’t require regs and r
  9. Oh absolutly! This is the TCP/IP shift of our times. Sign me up as the journey could be mad!
  10. Yup agree with that. And probability is all we have. Its just if that’s big enough to kick in the phase two rally. I recon not. Think we may see a spike, a take profit and then a slight trend upwards for a year or two before the halving event.
  11. That would be cool! And then you can rank them by positive negative ratios... interestingidea!
  12. And we know how the polls went with Brexit and Flump. ? but yess this is all we have so best we can work with.
  13. Interesting article and interesting view trendfollower. I must admit I’m torn. The SEC is an interesting beast but the wider market is the main issue here. I think a positive statement may give a push up but I doubt more than 10% or so. I doubt we’d get back to 8k....
  14. @Mercury to go back at those points you originally tagged me in. Yeh I agree with point one for sure - FTSE is broad and we need to wait until wider market is on the move before committing. THAT SAID - i would be keen to open a tracker ETF non leveraged if we get down to 6500 in the near term. I think there’s more upside and would be happy to take the low cost optionyo not miss the move. Again, after the break to ath I’d be closing.
  15. It’s a percentage of the notional value and because amazon is such an expensive stock you’re going to have a large deposit requirement. However volatility and daily movement will also be a percentage but generally larger price movement so it evens out. Go to IG.com and search ‘margin’. On mobile so can’t help right now but someone else maybe able to send a link. If you get it add it here so I can check to see if it’s the one I mean
  16. Thanks guys and especially @Mercury that’s a pretty solid perspective and good trade ideas, caseynotes for those charts on lev positions, and Elle on tech analysis. Today has just shown real indecision in oil so it’s tough to pick a direction. I’m this instance I think it’s hands off until there is a direction.
  17. Made a post about things to look out for which may be of interest to others. Check my posts.
  18. You’re not wrong. Does anyone know how quickly this pulls into data? On a weekly basis ie will we see stuff in the numbers on Wednesday and Thursday? Middle gorund it seems like @elle thanks but tough to make a call. Maybe bid down the chart...
  19. Thought this may be useful for some. Seen a few articles on this, but I personally liked the FT one, but know it may cost some people to see so thought I’d give a quick synopsis. Also, means I can square things up in my own head by writing it down. Hope it helps The main message: primarily he is going to aim to convince the public everything is good going into Brexit and try and give a brighter outlook for the austerity measures. The basic ‘reduce debt, but borrowing, increase funding to key public services’ statement will probably roll out. Office for budget responsibility is set
  20. What are people’s thoughts after last weeks blood bath? Black gold is acting more like diesel sinking to the bottom of the distillate tower rather than jet fuel rallying to the top! It’s worth remembering that US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports will resume on November 4 following Trump’s withdrawal from a nuclear accord. Prices in or not? Hard to tell. Ideally id like to see a greater pull back before we get that rally really going, but we are in a channel of support right now on the upward trend. I’d be tempted to think about a position long on this now. Maybe with a small t
  21. Saw this interesting stat on FT article today “The S&P 500 only fell 3 per cent or more twice in 2012-17, but has now done so four times in 2018 — and twice just this month.”
  22. Last few account issues on opening generally have requests to call. Maybe worth t on Monday. Or tag @JamesIG
  23. You can still trade leveraged etf’s? I did it today...? Unless there are specifics
  24. Interesting. I thought higher highs meant it was going to try and breakout to the upside? But Casey it sounds like your saying this is a bearish signal?
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