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  1. PandaFace's post in Remove guaranteed function in the stop order was marked as the answer   
    Likely you can’t. Requirement for some account types to have a ‘limited risk’ requirements I think maybe if you are “inexperienced” or have insufficient stability financially. 
  2. PandaFace's post in selling one share was marked as the answer   
    Given time of day you posted I assumeit was because the market was closed... 
    either try when the market is open, or even better maybe call in and see if there is an option to get a commission free trade seeing as this seems like a minor annoyance and unlikely issue. Would assume you set a limit order to sell (for example when you have 10 shares) but the price only came down to your level and had liquidity at that point for 9. Or failing that user error and you only typed in 9.
    either way worth an ask as could save yourself a few bucks.
  3. PandaFace's post in Migrating from Chrome to Firefox (Share dealing Charts) was marked as the answer   
    Sure community will find this useful. Thanks. 
    More of a reason for IG to update the share dealing platform. 
    Nudge nudge wink wink
  4. PandaFace's post in Guaranteed Stops was marked as the answer   
    All OTC with IG. Nothing related or similar in the underlying market so should be honoured. Worth noting if a stock delists then it could take ages to liquidate and finalise by creditors tho. 
    If it delists because it’s boufht out that’s a different matter. It’ll be filled at the price the underlying market delists it as... however assumethis isn’t what you’re talking about as buy outs are usually higher than the market price. 
    On second thoughts maybe you’re talking about a short with a G stop. 
    Either way yes... as above
  5. PandaFace's post in New platform available for share trading? was marked as the answer   
    Actually only available on leverage accounts like spread and CFD. They’re working on share account I believe.
    hurry up!
  6. PandaFace's post in CFD SHARE trading commission when closing multiple positions was marked as the answer   
    You’ll be charged for both trades on that one I think. Don’t think there is a way around it either. 
  7. PandaFace's post in Spread bet positions was marked as the answer   
    Put simply... yes
  8. PandaFace's post in I have no knowledge about trading was marked as the answer   
    I’d look at changing your public username (check out Community help > tutorials).
    check out academy to start off with (link above when on desktop) and browse the community! Ask questions  
    info and depth helps. 
  9. PandaFace's post in Tom was marked as the answer   
    ESMA have opposed margin offsets so it’s no longer possible... blame the regulations. 
  10. PandaFace's post in ESMA Regulations was marked as the answer   
    SA is outside Europe tho so why effected by ESMA? 
  11. PandaFace's post in Market Makers widening the spread and closing of positions was marked as the answer   
    Stock name? If volume trades then it’ll trigger S&L’s. Maybe worth getting on IG directly or someone with L2 to get time and sales volumes. 
  12. PandaFace's post in How do setup a Bull put spread option in IG demo account? was marked as the answer   
    Share options you need to call to trade during market hours. Can’t do it online. Options are available for things like ftse, oil etc on the old platform but not the new. 
    Side note - not going to get that trade on for a demo account. No phone dealing for demo stuff obviously.
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