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  1. Hi, I am unsure about the impact of dividend on equity futures in case of short selling, if I sell BP PLC (March) and and if the stock goes ex-dividend (0.70) during that period then does it mean that I would have to pay the dividend amount on the ex-dividend date?
  2. I am getting 'call to deal' symbol on all of my open positions, can someone explain why I am getting 'call to deal' symbol on my open positions? all of a sudden? Is it a technical glitch?
  3. Hi guys, I have decided to document my spread betting [mis]adventures. Do check it out: https://spreadbettingadiaryofanewbietrader.wordpress.com
  4. Where can I find the quotations on options (outside IGINDEX) for UK shares?
  5. Hi, What commission do you charge on share options (spread betting account)? I am particularly interested in selling a covered calls, what is the margin requirement?
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