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  1. Hi,


    This is a question regarding shares dealing on international shares.


    When placing an order with a day limit, with closed markets, if the order expires and doesn't hit the price I set, do you charge the order fee anyway?

    Or does it close the postion with no order and no fee?



  2. Hi,


    Not really I'm sorry. I would like to keep some trades open for the long term and regularly add a sum to each of them to avoid the fee (so at least 3 times every quarter on different trades).

    I might be opening new trades depending on the size of the portfolio I want to build, but I want to be free to avoid closing them each quarter.

    My intention is to add amounts to the open positions on a regular basis once the portfolio has been created.


    I trust this to be possible without a fee.



  3. Hi,


    I just started using the platform and I now notice that the fees have risen. This is not a good start, but I do understand the reason.


    Can I ask if the £24 per quarter completely replaces the inactivity fee?

    Also, what do you mean by being active, does it mean placing 3 orders in a quarter? For example if I have an open position that I'm willing to keep for the long term, by adding a small amount 3 times a quarter will count as being active and be eligible to avoid the fee?


    Thanks for clarifying.



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