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  1. I'm in the UK. My W8ben form went through fine as usual. I think it is indeed a limitation of your demo platform, which I had been using to test the functionality. Can you just confirm that you definitely have no plans to support OEIC or Unit Trust transactions?
  2. Thanks for your message, "we do not offer OEIC" - really?? Will that be forever? Same for all Unit Trusts?. I thought IG was aimed at main investment markets? "I have just tried to replicate this issue" Have you successfully entered the symbol? I type BABA.US or just BABA andf get "Sorry, no results match your search. Please try again." Have you successfully entered the ISIN? I type or cut/paste US01609W1027 and get "Sorry, no results match your search. Please try again." "you could still simply type the name" Maybe but shouldn't it come up when I type "Alibaba"? It doesn't. This is what I get: Wouldn't it just be better that you could find the specific stock/fund using the ISIN or Symbol, rather than having to guess what your database calls the stock (xxxx Group/ xxxxx Group Holdings, etc)??
  3. That's disappointing. I have lots of ETFs and stocks that I wanted to move over to IG from iii, but if they're not here or your system can't find them then I hope I haven't wasted my time setting up accounts. Can you elaborate what about 'type' you can't / don't do? So far it seems nothing is found by ISIN, even if it is on your platform - that seems like a significant miss, because with specific symbols you can be sure you're looking at the right stock/fund - without having to wade through similar ones and hope they way your platform has reproduced the names and abbreviations is the same as other platforms. Some US stocks are found neither by symbol or ISIN, e.g. US37954Y8553 LIT.US US01609W1027 BABA.US US8336351056 SQM.US VZ.US I've tried to find several dozen funds that I hold not of the same 'type' as the one in my first post, but they're are also not found on your platfor, e.g. B8N44Q8 INVESCO PERPETUAL ASIAN Z GBP UCITS ACC B5ZNJ90 BLACKROCK GOLD & GENERAL B5ZX1M7 ARTEMIS GLOBAL INCOME 937175 EDENTREE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AMITY UK FUND B INST INC BD9X6D5 LINK FUND SOLUTIONS LTD LF WOODFORD INCOME FOCUS C STRLING ACC B0CNH16 LEGAL & GENERALGLOBAL TECHNOLOGY INDEX TRUST(I)ACC B24HJL4 FIRST STATE INVESTMENTS(UK) GLOBAL LISTED INFRASTRUCTURE B GBP ACC B3VVG60 SCHRODER UNIT TRUSTS RECOVERY CL Z ACCUMULATION GBP B5T7PM3 HENDERSON CHINA OPPS I ACC B51RZC1 FIDELITY FUNDS INDIA FOCUS Y INC NAV B6TKJR2 FIL INVESTMENT SERVICES(UK)LIMITED GLOBAL PROPERTY Y ACC NAV B6TKJR2 Fidelity Global Property Fund Y Acc AXA Framlington Health Z GBP Acc (FUND:B6WZJX0) etc. BIOG.L is there but shows all zeros.
  4. Hi how do you find ETFs, Stocks etc by their ISIN or Sedol codes e.g. ISIN: GB0007218398 Sedol: 0721839 are codes for SCHRODER UNIT TST UK OPPS Z ACC NAV IG platform doesn't seem to find it by any method.