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  1. Well that is an interesting link I certainly work at what I do and the more I learn the "luckier" I become
  2. Hi oilfxpro Thanks for the heads up This drop has earned me a few pounds and I am looking for a further drop I am learning more about alerts and the variuos tools available to us and I hope to take advantage of those when I know more Thanks again MrJake
  3. Hi Mercury Thanks for such a prompt response I did see the suggestions section, however I thought that was more for amendments to the trading platform than the various education and tips articles With regard to the US Markets thread I will wander over there and have a look. Thanks for all your help Regards MrJake
  4. Well this is my first real post and it turns out to be a request I use the spreadbetting part of IG for indices, in particular Wall Street Previously, IG would include the Dow in their "Levels to Watch" article each day, this has now been replaced with the S&P 500. How can I encourage IG to comment on this index again?
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