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  1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad day oilfxpro
  2. Hi Guys Sorry I have missed all the fun today but I have been a little busy. Well we reached my first target of 17650 but just missed the second by 7 points, perhaps tomorrow will be the day I will be looking for 17480 and then 17400 Here is to a slide tomorrow
  3. Don't get me wrong, these occassional opportunities are viewed as just that. I have been working on a longer term strategy, this being over months not so much days. I may miss out on a majority of the highs and lows but in the longer term I am seeming to be in front (wish never said that!) The decisions I make are my own and therefore I am the one to blame if it goes pair shaped
  4. I forgot to mention my previous target was 17850 (for up of course) but felt that this was a little too much bounce back
  5. Hi Mercury I find your take on the charts etc. very thoughtful. I think I will be volunteering you to run a course on them for us mere mortals. My thoughts tend to be a bit more basic. I have just been able to take a small profit between 17703.9 and 17782.6, okay missing the tops and bottom but it worked for me. I am now looking for a further drop, my next target being 17650
  6. The "Flurry" earned me a few pounds yesterday and now we can looked forward to a rapid drop!
  7. Mercury I agree with your comments regarding Gold, it was just a "Glancing Observation" and as we know the market does some strange things. I think I should have bet on Leicester :-)
  8. Have a look at a 30 minute chart for Dow and compare this with Ftse 100. Have we had our little "flurry" and looking to move lower?
  9. Another thing to look at is the activity on Gold. This increased by 2.25% earlier and only dropped slightly since
  10. I understand what you are saying. If you look at the charts set at "Weekly" we can see that drop. However it is followed by a bounce back to 17915. I am working on the lower end of my shorts to be below 17240.
  11. If we look back over time there is this normal flurry when trades are "tidied up" and frequently there is an opposite reaction within the following hour or so. See last night for example
  12. No that would be for a short to come out. Then consider tactical Buy just below this point
  13. I have been slotting in a few buys along the way, so I suppose working within my longer term plan The next step I am looking for is just below 17600
  14. Hi Mercury Jaded yes, battered and bruised yes, but I have a cunning plan :-)
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