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  1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad day oilfxpro
  2. Mercury I agree with your comments regarding Gold, it was just a "Glancing Observation" and as we know the market does some strange things. I think I should have bet on Leicester :-)
  3. Another thing to look at is the activity on Gold. This increased by 2.25% earlier and only dropped slightly since
  4. If we look back over time there is this normal flurry when trades are "tidied up" and frequently there is an opposite reaction within the following hour or so. See last night for example
  5. So, let's work this one out? The Doha talks breakdown Oil price falls Gold rises Morgan Stanley profits halved Declining issues outnumber advancing ones IG Client sentiment 84% Short 56% of trades in the last hour are "Sells" Well it's obvious, the market goes up!!!! You've just got to smile
  6. I might have to so that I can afford my next deal.. On the menu Doom Bar Banana Bread Beer Stella (sorry but I have to mention it) Gin - Plymouth of course and more Oh yes there is food as well
  7. I'm going to focus on the birthday party that I am going to on Saturday - Chinese Feast :-) and real ale of course
  8. Sorry about the spelling "Obviously"
  9. I tend to watch for a general flow of the rise and fall and then taking a position on what appear to be set movements. The figure of 17500 was more of an on the way down point which I have used for a area to take a profit. The move on the 15:00 candle provided me with a nice profit for the day. Obviuosly, the amount of profit is relative to each persons view. My next downward point is around 17420
  10. My strategy is a lot less sophisticated I have been looking for a drop in the Dow towards 17500 for awhile now. There have been a number of false dawns but I do believe it is on the way. I hope you guys don't mind me putting in my twopenith's worth
  11. Well that is an interesting link I certainly work at what I do and the more I learn the "luckier" I become
  12. Hi oilfxpro Thanks for the heads up This drop has earned me a few pounds and I am looking for a further drop I am learning more about alerts and the variuos tools available to us and I hope to take advantage of those when I know more Thanks again MrJake
  13. Hi Mercury Thanks for such a prompt response I did see the suggestions section, however I thought that was more for amendments to the trading platform than the various education and tips articles With regard to the US Markets thread I will wander over there and have a look. Thanks for all your help Regards MrJake
  14. Well this is my first real post and it turns out to be a request I use the spreadbetting part of IG for indices, in particular Wall Street Previously, IG would include the Dow in their "Levels to Watch" article each day, this has now been replaced with the S&P 500. How can I encourage IG to comment on this index again?
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