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  1. Hi I have recently opened an IG. SB /CFD/share dealing account. If I transfer my ISA from my existing broker to IG can I trade CFD's inside this ISA? This would be mainly to avoid the 0.5% tax.
  2. Hi I am fairly new to this site and I am having a problem reading the Average true range on the charts. I use Sharepad for most of my trading and I am used to ATRs between approx 10 to 60. The charts associated with my watchlist are showing dramatically different figures. I am obviously doing something wrong. eg. NEX IG ATR 5 Sharepad ATR 39.2 FERROXPRO IG ATR 3.2 Sharepad ATR13.1 And many others are showing this discrepancy. I realise things change with time but the differences are quite wide. Help please Regards chaser
  3. Hi I am a first post newby to IG. My last supplier had note availability across the board and it was quite useful. A decent sticky note facility on my watchlists would be good. Only been here two days and I miss it already. Do IG have a route for getting change or do we just gripe a lot on the discussion boards?