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  1. This is now the 2nd Nfp where my MT 4 totally "freeze" up when Nfp time, my pc specs is I7 - 3.6ghz, Ram 16 Gb, win 10 and operating 64bit with a adsl line??
  2. I would like to purchase additional drawing tools for mt4 in order to make better notes on my charts. Does Ig have anything like this or can you recommend a link Thanks
  3. Hi Where do i find the training video's for the pro realtime charts
  4. I open my ig account with $400 instead of $300 and and after 2 days of battling i only find out that you cannot trade with a smaller lot size than 1 lot... How does a person handle your risk management????
  5. Hi What is the reason that i cannot pay funds from a South African account into a international account via my credit card
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