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  1. Hi everyone, Which should I use (and maybe why?) for IG, Chrome or Microsoft Edge? Thanks is advance.
  2. Thank you @Caseynotes and @andysinclair, much appreciated! hope you both had a great Easter.
  3. Hi all, Maybe a silly question from a newbie, but why do these two pairs exist? Are they not the same in reverse? Makes sense the charts should echo my thoughts, which they do, so why not just one pair vs. reverse them for existence? Also EUR/GBP has tighter stop loss and tighter spread than GBP/EUR, so why go into trading GBP/EUR then, rather than stick with EUR/GBP? Looking forward to reading the obvious answer unknown to me - thanks in advance for letting me know! Cheers, LB
  4. Hi James, Thanks for coming back to my question. I would like L2 info/data, so I can analyse/consider all orders/bought and sold shares with volume info in real time before making a final decision. Best, Lawrence
  5. Morning all, Newbie here! I am considering using ProRealTime and would like to know if it comes with level 2 real time data? Thanks in advance.
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