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  1. Hi all and and who has been very helpful. Casey, I got the account opened, on your advice, watched quite a few videos about MT4 and read a lot of the excellent manual this company has but none of my searches could find an answer. I am selecting the "candles chart" but is not being displayed. At some point, they were displayed but then this would disappear when I logged in again. You can the "button" is selected. Anyone have any ideas Thankyou
  2. Hello Casey and everyone. I am struggling a little with MT4. I down loaded the IG MT4 and successfully set up an account. the first account I set up was a live account (which maybe I should not have at this stage and I can seem to be able to open a MT4 Demo Account with IG. I thought that maybe I need to open another account and at some point, I would be asked if I want a live or DEMO account but this did not happen and vuala... I now have 2 live accounts and need to remove one. So to do what I needed to find out how I can remove the second account and open a DEMO account, I opened up a new browser at the DASHBOARD and waited .. wait .. waited but NO LIVE chat. I closed this platform and re opened to still wait... with no chat. spent a LONG time on you tube to work out how I may be able to do all of this but none of them were from IG. Many other brokers had great information ... but not IG which has me questioning IG. 1. WHY does Chat not happen whenever I want it and pops up all the time when i dont. 2. How can I remove the second account 3. How can I set up a DEMO account one the MT4 platform so I can learn to use it. I accept it is a bit harsh asking here but is there a broker for forex that has great support not unreasonable fee's...not necessarily the cheapest..? Thankyou in advance
  3. Great All answered perfectly thank you. Dont worry about the time zones "thing", I am "suckin in" so much information ATM, I doubt I could tell what I was looking at 3 minutes ago. The advice on the Live Chat will limit a lot of my questions and your time which you have been ever so generous with. Have a great day
  4. Good Morning (well here it is anyway) I am trying to get more organised with my questions 1. The chat does not come on no matter how long I wait. I was in the LIVE platform and the DEMO one to see if that helped 2. It says I can set up different TIME ZONEs on a chart. How can I do this. Will this show me the time zone for the trades I am holding 3. In the “spot” drop down, USD/CHF mini is an option. What does this mean 4. When I place a trade, if all is going well and I am watching it, can I increase the LIMIT on the “fly” or do I need to open a new trade and 5. I had a problem placing a trade and I used WINDOWs SNIPPING tool to copy it but I cant then copy it onto here for you to have a look at. Can you please tell me how to do this as I see you do it quite a bit. and that, my new pen pal friend...or should I say "unpaid technical consultant" is it. I can only thank you so many times so I will add one more here...THANKYOU darren
  5. Great thanks . Now there is just one more thing...can you give me a tip for a trade so I can make...say...$1 million in a day? .. ok ... if is takes 2 days, I will let you off. Big cheers to you.. kind regards darren
  6. Hello again. This may be an answer to my previous concerns. I sometimes see "LIVE CHAT appear but I dont need it. When I do need it, I can not for the life of work out how to start it. Surely there is a menu option to initiate LIVE CHAT!? Are you able to tell me how I can get live chat and I will channel as many questions through here as I can to give you a bit of "fre time" from me. Warm Regards darren
  7. Ok...thanks to you I am getting more aware. When you say "MT4 is the latest addition for IG, " does this mean I can still be with IG and change the "platform" I use to MT4? I am just trying to get my head around this. The thing is, there are a lot of good you tube video's explaining how to use MT4 platform and almost NONE for IG that explain it all, like I previously said, no "user manual". User Manuals are fantastic and one couple with many supporting video's would be ideal...a quicker way to learn. When I first opened my account with IG, I place a trade that I thought was placed correctly then proceeded to loose $482 AUD. I now know that going DEMO is the way but I would still like to place a small "wager" as I am learning. I am too conscious that I am taking way too much of your time and I am feeling rather guilty. From what I understand about you, you will say "no problem" but IO am serious and genuine about my guilt. This puts me in conflict because you have all the answers (that I need) and I get a detailed and quick response which feeds my quest for knowledge. Help me out here ... Is there any place you can direct me to get answers like this to reduce my guilty feeling? Again, thankyou (x100)
  8. WoW again . I am going to embarrass my self but I dont care. for the 2 weeks I played with ForexCT platform, it was siimple for me. I should mention, I am only interested in forex ATM. if say the SELL was 78.25, I could chose to buy and put my stop loss at say 77.50 and what they called "Take Profit" at 79.00. That was so easy for me. I am thinking that maybe the LIMIT option is the "Take Profit". Is this correct? If it is, the word "Limit" throws me because no one would ever want to LIMIT their profit I would have thought. If this is right, I am ready to have a go with only one more question, what does the "net off" and "force open" mean. Why do I need to hassle you about this anyway. You are ever so forthcoming with your knowledge but I would have thought IG had a vested interest in producing a manual that explains all of the aspects of their system as a minimum requirement. It has frustrated me no end and if I thought ForexCT was an honorable company I would have stayed with their ever so simple platform. Is there any other companies that "care" about informing their clients properly on their platform cos I can see me and IG going too far..for my "high blood pressure"!!! Kind regards
  9. I am getting lost up my own !!!!. I just want to know how to place a FX trade in terms of the IG platform. I can do it with the previous platform with another broker but believe this company is way better yhank you
  10. Wow..Thank you ever so much Caseynotes. I an using just the "normal" platform and did not know of any other but that is not important now with my elementary level of experience. What an awesome response about the Stop Loss...thankyou. Yes, I just downloaded the IG Academy app today so again..thanks. I hope to hear from you again down the track. Have a good day. darren
  11. Well Hello all from Australia I am very very new to trading of any sort and whilst i am an accountant, this provides me with ZERO advantage at all. Just to get my head around the Platforms and terminology is a struggle which only time will help I think. If I may, I have a couple of opening questions about the platform 1.It says I can set up different TIME ZONEs on a chart. How can I do this and I understand the time zones of the world but how could I do this to help me trade? 2. What is not a Guaranteed stop. Why the difference - what I mean, if you put a Stop Loss on a trade, why would thge trade not stop at that point. Why would someone pay for a guaranteed Stop Any other functional tips, that is I am way too inexperienced to even understand any trading tips. More along with how to find the best info about the platform etc would be greatly recieved. I have looked at a couple of you tube videos but nothing too in depth. Is there a "manual" that explains all of the features and functions of the trading platform . Thanks for reading and I hope to be a regular on this forum and help others when I can. cheers
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