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  1. I just wanted to follow up on your comment that there is a plan to publish the tom-next rates in the new platform within 6 months or so. Was this ever implemented? I have looked and can't find it. If not, do you know if it is still in the pipeline? Thanks.
  2. Thanks . It didn't occur to me to try placing the orders over the phone. I'll call the dealing desk.
  3. I'm jumping on this thread as it seems to be close to my question. Please could you clarify some points around how stop losses (and market orders in general) work on the share dealing/ISA accounts? #1 I have noticed with some shares that it's not possible to place a stop loss (or any market order) in my ISA share dealing account. Could you explain why market orders may be allowed on some shares and not on others? An example is KWS - Keywords Studios. ie. is it a risk management issue within IG? Is to do with whether the market itself supports it? Maybe I've misunderstood, but t
  4. Can I just ask: Once the power of attorney paperwork is sorted out - how does it work in practice? ie. does the "client's" accounts show up in the "attorney's" dashboard?
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