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  1. Nasdaq on fire again, ATH beckoning......while the others are taking a rest
  2. Hi I hope someone can help. In the past if i was short the EURGBP overnight my account received a positive overnight charge, this is not the case now. Is there a list or can someone point me in the right direction for thosetrades when held overnight receive a credit rather than a debit Many Thanks Liam
  3. Have this weeks Dividend Adjustments been posted yet, as I can't seem to find them. Many Thanks Liam
  4. This is such a great thread, on what I think is one of the most interesting moves I have seen in my short time trading. Thank you to everyone for your excellent analysis. Mercury I love your post "the big one", very very informative!!
  5. Hi all, I hope someone can help me. previously on the IG site, there was a link to a page (Pre ESMA start date) that gave some examples of the necessary account size to trade at a certain position size. I think the examples were (and these figures are probably wrong) to trade at £10.00 on the major indices you would need an account size of £3500, to trade at £10.00 on major FX required account size needed was £5000, to trade gold at £50.00 required account size is £7500, I cant seem to find this data anywhere on the site now, did anyone either bookmark the link, or save it and prin
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